Thursday, May 20, 2010

Basic Diagnosis and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has no symptoms in its early stages. The formation of lumps and cysts in the breast are very common and most of them are benign in nature. But these plays, cysts or fibroid s can become malignant, depending on individuals. You have to take different tests for breast cancer if they show changes in the breast.


1st The formation of lumps or hardness in the breast or armpit.
2nd Any change in the shape and size of the breast.
3rd Wrinkling of the skin of the breast.
4th Discharge from the nipple.
5th Retraction of the nipple.
6th The skin of the breast or nipple is red, scaly, forming ridges and holes.

Is responsible for the service, confirmed the patients in selecting appropriate guidelines for the malignancy of breast lumps.

The diagnosis of breast cancer - breast cancer before the onset of symptoms can be detected. Women over 50 can with a history of breast cancer in the family to go for cancer screening as a precautionary measure. Breast cancer is easily cured if detected early.

Clinical breast exam - Doctors Perform a breast examination, although the shape of the breasts, skin problems and look for signs of abnormal nipple can be pressed to ensure that each version. The size and nature of the nodes in the chest and the lymph nodes are inspected throughout the entire breast and armpit.

Mammography - This test may detect breast lumps by X-ray with emotion. Mammography also show microcalcifications are also responsible for cancer.

It is recommended that women over 40 for a check-up to mammography every two years. Following the results of the mammogram, the doctor advises for additional imaging studies to detect breast cancer.

1st Ultrasound uses sound waves are recommended in case of detection of breast lumps. These ultrasound examination of the nature of the packaging if it is solid or filled with fluid can be detected.

2nd The MRI can distinguish between normal and diseased tissues with strong magnets and the study of differentiating images captured on the computer.

Biopsy - This test confirms the presence of cancer. Part of the area of abnormal tissue is in many respects, as tested biopsy needle biopsy, biopsy, biopsy or surgical biopsy.

Laboratory analysis of breast tissue - When breast cancer is detected recommend that doctors test hormone receptor HER-2/neu test is the presence of hormones and proteins responsible for the growth of breast tumors.


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