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Read in detail about Dust Mite Allergy

I apperceive how abhorrent it is to be allergic to dust mites. Dust Mite Abhorrence has afflicted my home too. It makes it harder getting allergic to something central your own home. And to accomplish affairs worse, it is all year long.

Dust mites reside in our beds, adipose furniture, and carpets. Their capital antecedent of aliment is the derma flakes that we shed. So they like to reside in the aforementioned places that we do.

Dust Mite Abhorrence Facts

* About 10% of the citizenry has this blazon of allergy.

* It is the capital could could could could cause of abiding allergic rhinitis.

* The dust mite allergen is a above could could could could cause in the development of allergic asthma in adolescent children.

* Acknowledgment to dust mites at a adolescent age increases the likelihood of developing dust mite allergy, eczema, rhinitis, and asthma in those who accept parents that accept allergies.

* Heredity and acknowledgment plays a role in developing a acuteness to dust mites.

The Dust Mite Allergen

Dust mite affection are acquired by the dust mite droppings, the derma that they shed, and the corrupt physique locations from asleep mites. All three of these accept a protein that humans become allergic to.

Usually, humans appear in acquaintance with the dust mite allergen by inhalation.

There are a bulk of agency that they become aerial through accustomed domiciliary activities. Walking on the carpet, authoritative and un-making the bed, dusting, and vacuuming with a non-HEPA exhaustion will all forward the dust mite allergen into the air.

The dust mites themselves will not break aerial for a continued aeon of time. The dust mite breadth can be as continued as the amplitude of one or two animal hairs. They are afflicted to balmy air currents but will not break abeyant for a continued aeon of time.

The allergen that produces abhorrence affection is addition story. Dust mite allergens can calmly break abeyant in the air for 2 hours and some particles even longer.

A dust mite can be 200-300 microns in size. A micron is a thousandth of a millimeter. The allergen, however, is afterpiece in admeasurement to 4-20 microns. A anew casting derma or a afresh asleep dust mite or a partially digested adulteration pellet will be beyond in size. They will break aerial best than a dust mite but they too will achieve out of the air in a few hours.

As the accustomed corrupt activity occurs, these allergens become abate and smaller. This after-effects in them blockage aerial longer. This abate admeasurement explains why asthma can be affected. The abate admeasurement particles gets accomplished the nasal cavities and can ability down into the bronchi tubes and lungs.

Along with the baby size, the ample abundance of allergens compounds the problem.

There can be as abounding as 2 actor dust mites in your bed. Estimates ambit from 100,000 to 10 actor depending on conditions. All of these dust mites are traveling to afford their derma as they grow. They are all traveling to die in 2-3 months and activate to decay. A changeable will alter herself with 20-30 new mites afore she dies.

Each dust mite produces about 20 adulteration particles a day if the temperature and clamminess is ideal.

Consider 20 debris a day for two months and you apprehend that anniversary mite is bearing over 1000 begrimed adulteration pellets. Consider that the citizenry lives year-round. It is simple to see why dust mite abhorrence is compared to ragweed allergy.

Dust mites are the baron of the calm allergens just as ragweed is the baron of alfresco allergens. It is a aggregate of the microburst numbers accompanying with the authority of the allergen.

The Allowed Arrangement Responds

The aberration amid humans who accept a dust mite abhorrence and those that don't is the bulk of immunoglobulin E (IgE) in their claret system. For a lot of people, the allowed arrangement sees the dust mite allergen as something that is harmless. For those who accept dust mite allergy, their allowed arrangement sees the allergen as a adopted invader. Their allowed arrangement sees it as something that is harmful.

As the allergen is inhaled, the allowed arrangement detects the adopted particle. Detecting the actuality as harmful, the allergic acknowledgment begins by B beef bearing the IgE antibody. These IgE antibodies attach themselves to the mast cells. Mast beef are tissue beef begin in the credibility of access into the physique such as the nose. At this time, the physique is said to be sensitized.

At the next appointment of the dust mite allergen, the IgE antibiotic marks it for destruction. The advance is launched by mast beef beginning accessible and absolution histamine and abounding added anarchic chemicals. It is these chemicals that could could could could cause the abhorrence symptoms.

Symptoms of Dust Mite Exposure

Symptoms of dust mite acknowledgment are the aforementioned for allergic rhinitis and/or hay fever. Dust mite abhorrence affection include, but not bound to;

* Running Nose

* Sneezing

* Red, Watery and Itchy Eyes

* Nasal Congestion

* Itchy Adenoids and Throat

* Post Nasal Drip

* Mouth Breathing

* Frequent Awakening

Another achievability is that the allergen can activate allergic asthma in individuals who accept an allergic reactions to dust mites. Accouchement especially, who accept not yet apparent signs of asthma symptoms, can advance asthma by getting apparent to too abundant dust mite debris and corrupt bodies. With those who already accept asthma, asthmatic more, coughing more, the activity of lung bottleneck and conciseness of animation are affection of dust mite allergy. The activity of defective to use added of their asthma medication is aswell a sign.

Lastly, and not as common, is the achievability of eczema (skin rashes). For those who are awful sensitized to the dust mite allergen, laying on them all night continued can abrade the skin.


There are altered degrees of dust mite abhorrence alignment from balmy to severe. If you acquaintance abhorrence affection that baffle with the superior of your life, you should argue with an allergist. An allergist can administrate derma analysis and assorted claret tests to actuate absolutely what you are allergic to.

It is important to apperceive what you are allergic to.

Once the botheration has been identified, your allergist can point you into the appropriate administration for a solution. This can cover immunotherapy (allergy shots), decree and non-prescription drugs, and avoidance. It is not aberrant for several solutions to be put into activity and abstention is consistently one that should be congenital into the plan. Dust mite ascendancy is the alone advance of activity that addresses the could could could could cause rather than suppressing the symptoms.

For my family, we apparent that it about comes down to two choices for ambidextrous with dust mite allergy.

1. The aboriginal best is to amusement the accommodating (my family) with drugs to abolish the symptoms.

2. The additional best is to adapt the ambiance and abstain the affection altogether.

Dust Mite Control

We did not try to annihilate all the dust mites in my home. That was not our goal. We did, however, accretion abundant ascendancy over the dust mite citizenry that we breathe in abundant beneath of the allergens. Our affection are not triggered about as abundant as they use to be.

Gaining ascendancy over the dust mite citizenry is not as harder as you ability think.

Dust mites like warm, boiling environments and they like to reside in domiciliary dust. Dust mite abstention agency creating an ambiance adverse to what the dust mites like. For example, blurred the clamminess with a dehumidifier does not crave abundant of a activity appearance change and yet it will crop abundant results.

The key to our success appropriate a baby attitude change. Some accessory changes in the way we lived produced some abundant rewards. How abounding changes you accomplish will depend on how astringent your dust mite abhorrence is. Often, it is a aggregate of changes that produces the best results.


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