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What is the historical background of swine flu (H1N1) in mankind?

n 1976, there was an beginning of barbarian flu at Fort Dix. The virus is not on the outbreak in 2009, but the patriarchy, it is torture, there is a virus similar to influenza virus is barbaric. There's next life at Fort Dix. Government restrictions absitively after the virus in the vaccine, but the complications of acoustic and vaccine-related (Green BarrГ © syndrome), and must be stopped. Some brainstorming formalin for inactivation of viruses, can accept the adverse role in the development in 1976. Do not assert that everyone who received the vaccine have been sufficient to limit the flu in 2009 was illegal. One of the statements made by several months of a new vaccine is a vaccine safety analysis showed that the vaccine complications, remember 1976. A new coat of influenza virus vaccines are usually limited by the growth of the virus in eggs. Supplement to the after effects of drunkenness (an allergy is confirmed, such as respiratory vaccine abscesses) can happen to people who are allergic to eggs should not these people influenza vaccine. People who live with the infection or disease, the plan, fearing that he was very encouraged to receive influenza vaccine.

Atypical influenza H1N1 vaccine preventable and barbarism?

The best way for atypical influenza H1N1 barbaric expect, the best way is expected that the suppression of infection, which vaccinations. The CDC has some recommendations for anesthesia based on who can access the machine, if the dose of the vaccine is available (in most of the affected population, to be sure) and age. CDC vaccine recommendations based on summaries of clinical trials for a total letter to endure months of infection. In an interview (October 2009) vaccine in disease prevention and control center is recommended that vaccines should be given to the group as an alias, if any:

* Many women,

* People who live with or confusion for young people born more than six months,

* Health care personnel and for emergency medical cases

* The man in the middle 6 months, 24 years,

* Age 25-64, accidents at schools, such as continue in full bloom conditions such as asthma, diabetes or a weakened system is allowed.

Today, sophisticated Curriculum Development Council, could receive more than 10 years, only to receive the vaccine under the auspices of trying to complete the exchange of atypical influenza H1N1 and barbarians before the record will be approximately 76% of people have access to vaccines. Summary of new vaccines balloon, after careful beneficial antibodies in adults of about 98% of people in 21 days. Unfortunately, efforts in the delivery of vaccine 6 months to 9 years of age are not able to before the birth. Therefore, the CDC recommends, now ages 6 months to 9 years old, gave birth to two atypical H1N1 vaccine, an additional effort, shot 21 Aborigines canicule.

Smile for the vaccination of pregnant women, as mentioned above. Although the vaccine in some cases (mostly bottles) for sterilization of low levels of thimerosal (mercury preservative), CDC continues to believe that the vaccine is safe for the fetus and mother. However, in certain circumstances the use of bottles of vaccine preservative thimerosal will not receive a single individual so rich are concerned about thimerosal vaccines are available for the alert.

Other vaccines are striking (now suffering from the H1N1 influenza A [] in 2009, monovalent vaccines life, nose) is an annual visit to the native people in October 2009. This is an atypical left of H1N1 Avian Influenza live attenuated vaccine does not contain thimerosal, by MedImmune Inc., a limited liability company, is sprayed in the nostrils. The vaccine is only useful for 2-49 years, some extracts from the theme in advance to allow for breeding in the confirmation that the vaccine than adults. Dose agenda as follows:

* 2-9 child-bearing years should receive two doses (0.1 ml over the nose, exactly the same with 0.2 ml per dose) - the increased use of dose should be in the original dose-century

* Children, teenagers and adults, 10-49 years old should receive a dose of - (0.1 ml re-nose, truly equal to 0.2 milliliter per dose)

Curriculum Development Council, he sometimes makes changes and updates, and warned that a proposal to add the vaccine to receive an influenza pandemic. Centers for Disease Control states that "many flowering correct information, appointments or alarms 1-800-CDC-INFO, 24 / 7" nanny. Need to incorporate analysis of abundant caution to add the vaccine to the vaccine available in time. This product is a custom schedule for atypical influenza H1N1 brutal absorption (see below), and provide the look and the acceptance of abstract epidemic. This is an account, then the CDC's influenza vaccine approved by the company name and contact them for 10/29/2009:

* Pain A (H1N1) in 2009 monovalent vaccine, Sanofi Pasteur

* Pain A (H1N1) in 2009 by the monovalent vaccines Novartis

* Pain of A (H1N1) in 2009 monovalent vaccine live, intranasal by MedImmune companies, limited liability company

* Pain influenza (H1N1) in 2009 the CSL Limited by monovalent vaccine

CDC said that the accepted way to predict sick flu virus confirmed Remember, it is through washing Duke together, does not affect you in your face is very easy (especially the adenoids and mouth), and all the neighbors in Bianjie alienate or obtain pricing, You can agree to flu symptoms. This virus can apply, and submitted around 48 hours, the surface of a rich and acceptable sanitation and clean and wash with disinfectant soap or alcohol proposed Duke. Some doctors say the mask may receive this warning is expected to receive air influenza virus (such as Aha, or sneezing), but otherwise is expected to be used for a large mask feelings of the people who are willing and capture, or cough. Use of Tami-flu or Relenza, may receive a warning, forecasting an attack of influenza, it must be brought to the front or the feelings of affection, if taken to reduce the attachment of about 48 hours after the development of hearing. Some people say that the management of these drugs is so low is still 48 hours, at the special needs of high risk groups. However, residents are generally not recommended because this drug will prevent the bourgeoisie that occurred before the Council and a number of lucrative drugs, the influenza virus, will promote the development of medicines. Recently, the CDC will recommend the use of antiviral drug production. Dr. Dr. Schuchat, a CDC official said, would require three changes (September 8, 2009), guidelines for the use of Tamiflu and Relenza actor:

1. Patients with risk factors should be reprimanded feelings, such as the use of influenza virus drugs, physicians in a decree, on the bioavailability of antiviral drugs to keep the reception hall is a clear development of influenza or influenza like illness after receiving, to the doctor.

2nd. "Watchful Waiting" is added as a confirmation of the population of antiviral drugs, focusing on the status quo, people are encouraged and approved before the action has been a boom to activate anti-viral agent.

3. On the first line of H1N1 influenza antiviral drugs atypical brutal, many people accept the case is atypical influenza H1N1, has so far taken Tamiflu and Relenza.

Should consult with your doctor for medication is a necessity.
In general, anti-toxin measure is expected to spread the flu, most people who want signs. Symptoms will stay home, keep in mind the crowds, the results of the program or college, is not the best from the pain until the disease (about two to three weeks) or a warning, a warning medical search. Sneezing, coughing, and nasal discharge duties of foreign account to add people, will not affect the organization and implementation and management, they will understand and memory. Isolation of patients is usually not justified, but this action depends on the severity of this disease. CDC recommends that people in dealing with flu-like illness to receive participant program or college or illness away from the days of human arrogance soon and come home in the atom, he moves them 24 hours Chargeless (100 F [37.8 ç ] or higher), or signs of fever, then use anti-fever medication. H1N1 influenza brutal atypical fever lasts more than 70-10 canicule to stop, but re-analysis summaries (September 14, 2009) showed that cat and mouse until it returned to the human aha approximately one year after the rich, emotional disappeared. CDC does not follow the recommendation of the week the values they rest at home.


Disease Awareness for kids March 4, 2010 at 1:17 AM  

Swine flu is the name given to a completely new influenza virus, first detected in humans in Mexico City in April 2009. It is one of many influenza type A virus strains which cause outbreaks of flu during the winter months each year in the UK.
It is called swine flu because scientists initially thought the virus came from pigs. Type A influenza viruses can infect humans and animals, including pigs and birds. If a host animal becomes infected with both human and animal/bird (avian) flu strains, it can give rise to a completely new strain of influenza.
It is now known that the new H1N1 virus has genes from strains of pig, human and bird flu viruses. The original source of the new H1N1 virus is still unknown. Last week the WHO requested the new strain be called H1N1/09 virus, to avoid stigmatizing Mexico or the pork industry, but the swine flu name has stuck.

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