Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Avoiding weight gain after quit smoking

The fear of gaining weight is a barrier for many when it comes to smoking. However, with proper planning and use of some of the products available, weight gain, not an inevitable side effect. Understanding the process and is fully equipped with a detailed plan to address the challenges of responding to help prevent unwanted side effects.

One reason for weight gain occurs when you try to quit is the desire for something to replace cigarettes. However, this can happen at a psychological level because the need for rewards or treats or a behavior problem, do not feel a loss of energy or activity of smoking. The need for a snack can also be in response to unpleasant sensations associated with nicotine withdrawal. Prepared for all these options mean forecast and provide coping strategies, so do not be surprised.

Plan ahead to have healthy snacks on hand, and sufficient drinking water, and this in turn, when does the desire of restlessness or desire for something with my hands. Try to avoid trading one bad habit for another, including foods containing sugar, salt or high fat content in the decisions of change. If you feel the need to try alternatives that do not have to be expensive to find their health. A massage, a bathroom, fresh flowers, or a new team has some ideas to reward yourself in a positive way no harm.

Similarly, you can replace the work on learning of her smoking with healthy behaviors. To fill the gaps in the day, take a walk or jog, a new sport, or any other form of physical activity. This will be staff to help you, help you fit and lose weight, keep your appetite under control, and if you choose an activity you like, give you something. Try a friend or pet to get even more of their time.

Products for smoking cessation can also help you avoid weight gain during the starting point, reducing the unpleasant side effects such as anxiety that can lead to overeating. The nicotine replacement therapy, hypnosis, acupuncture and other methods to quit smoking may play an important role in eliminating destructive habits and find a healthier life. Meditation is another form of medicine without your addiction, a major source of inner peace and reflection for the replacement. Strategies to help reduce your stress levels are useful in different ways and should be part of a plan to stop smoking.

Discover the many ways to make their plans to quit a reality: that without this unwanted weight gain. With a little planning and preparation, you'll be well on its way to the future and great sense.


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