Thursday, December 3, 2009

How the positive effects of stop smoking

Recently, the decision to leave, but the fear of hard struggle. What are the consequences of smoking, you can enjoy? Find a reason to abandon this article to motivate your desire to smoke.

According to the American Cancer Society to stop the first 20 minutes after smoking, your blood pressure and heart rate returned to normal. The level of carbon monoxide in the blood begins to decline. This improves circulation. The next 24 hours, reduces the risk of heart attack. After 48 hours, you can smell and taste better. The mucus in the lungs begin to clear. After 1 year reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by 50% compared to a smoker. In 10 years the risk of death from lung cancer than non-smokers. Your heart is not a threat at the end of 15 years. It's like you have not smoked before. Stop to stop the effects of toxic chemicals, building up your system now, they decided to smoke cigarettes.

If you stop smoking, you add more years to your life. In 2002, Donald Taylor came into force, an assistant research professor at Duke University, a study of smoking on life expectancy. Surprisingly, he found that the 65-year-old smokers life expectancy has increased to nearly four years. Those who want to quit smoking live longer, up to 35 years to eight years and six months.

Even if family or friends do not smoke, passive smoking may endanger their health. Experts agree that smoking can cause cancer. One study showed that non-smokers exposed to passive smoking are at higher risk of lung cancer 18 to 32 percent for those not exposed.
The risk increases with duration of exposure. Think about it, if you smoke now save the lives of your family.

They can save money with the proper motivation for you. Calculate how much you can save in a year. With this award on your savings with something special like a holiday. Do not merge your money on tobacco.

When a nicotine addiction by taking control of your life. The effect of nicotine is associated with freedom. Download from smoking, you will be free of nicotine. If you smoke a lot, should the nicotine replacement therapy, like Zyban to stop your addiction.

Do not pass these benefits of smoking cessation. Find to say a good reason not to smoke. Ask your doctor to eliminate smoking cessation programs that can help you in the habit of smoking.


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