Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Smoking is your best Enemy

If you start smoking, the usually just one cigarette a day, glad to see you after dinner. So you just smoke your coffee to start the morning great it will begin twice as fast and lets face it in the hectic world of today, a quick start is exactly what we need. Then paste it after the meal. Then there's the mid afternoon, smoke, if you have a short break. You will find that you like one or two to drinks Okay we are all there, you are officially. The Earl of cigarettes is right and up and up. Soon, you'll need a cigarette to help you get started you just before bedtime. But we can confirm: smoking in bed is a totally rotten.

There are good reasons. The first is that it is dangerous. This is not just an urban myth that people start fires that way. It comes with enough frequency to be observed. I know that I can hear you now. I am awake and alert. I am observant. This used to happen. But yes, which also include careful. It is not fair that people sleep in bed with a lit cigarette is not pay attention and then practice bombs, are the burning flame in his hands. They talk on the phone. These are laptops. Watching TV and get up and eat something and come back and presto, the bed is on fire. I know this may sound excessive, but this is exactly the point. It is no exaggeration, it is more common than you know.

Now there are other good reasons for smoking in bed is a very bad idea. You may not know that smoking, to stink of cigarette smoke from a room, as if there was no tomorrow, but it works. It seeps in sheets, pillows, curtains, and the Wardrobe. If you live life like a hermit, and nobody, almost nobody comes to your bedroom, you can live with that. But most people do not live with others and live with them, because they want to, it might be useful to think every time someone comes to your bedroom and smell the smell of smoke want to lead in the mountains.

You can use this argument a little more romantic in the ground, and remember: If you have a room with someone you love, stocks or even more attractive if you have a loved stocks whose prospects stink so to speak. Do not take one of the most beautiful rooms of the house, full gas-to.


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