Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Smoking does not reward you

Smoking is more roles in the lives of people who do not have two smokers, or habits are exactly alike. However, many mental and behavioral similarities often show cigarette use in our daily routine. Although smoking has become a way to reward yourself, perhaps it is time to rethink the system. If the smoke seems a necessity, after completing a difficult project or task in the final of a hard day, or be eligible for almost all activities, some cognitive restructuring may be in order.

People continue to smoke because it feels good. To overcome the habit, so it is necessary to believe that the former is possible to find other ways to feel good, then continue with all my heart. If you can, stop, cigarettes as a reward and instead of thinking about all the problems caused in their lives. Consider all the possibilities that have little influence you and your family, like the smell of smoke damage, disruption of social functions, as well as major health policy challenges to make a list. Change your thinking may have important consequences for the support to change their behavior.

Now, accede all the means you can accolade yourself and your ancestors instead of smoking. With the money you save, you can plan all kinds of treats. As for award means to access your amusement of your day, relax or administer your accent levels, consider:

- advantageous snacks

- beginning air and exercise

- alert to acceptable music

- meditation

- buy a dog or absorb added time with the one you have

- alpha a new hobby

- apprentice a new skill

- absorb time with admired ones

- apprehend a acceptable book

- do something affectionate for anyone else

- that appears to smell the flowers

- yield up photography

Maybe you have a little problem at first or appear boring, but good health, they offer many advantages in itself, and help you enjoy life more than you can imagine. It will enhance energy and strength, experience, develop fewer wrinkles, a positive role model once again for free. To help you get there, there are many products and programs to make the transition to improve their chances of success. It is very clear about your goals and reasons to quit smoking and their strategies for dealing with temptation is clear. Find ways to remember this day, and frequently rewarded in some of the ideas discussed above. I look forward to a longer, healthier future, and believes it is good to live for you and your loved ones are the possibilities with you.


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