Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stop smoking in not very difficult as you believe

Have you ever wanted to quit and are happy that you like to smoke cigarettes, are the rest of your life? Have you ever tried to quit and that was in the middle of the day or evening? If you think that smoking is not only possible I would like to learn more.

This really is not as difficult as you think. Take a real compression software a day smoker or less on certain days. He was a true friend of mine who could not go. I smoked a good thirty-thirty-six years of my life. Im not sure I started smoking. One day I heard about ten years for a week. The biggest mistake I made at that time was to ask a friend smoke, so I can see what I missed. It was a big mistake! I was still full time and tried several times since, and are not infallible, but the last attempt.

Smoking was more like a ritual for me, I tried two or three times a year. The excuse was always the cost of cigarettes. I never complain about the possible negative effects of this can occur on the road. Of course, I knew every day what was wrong. I have it on the news every day about how smoking took the boat to restaurants and buildings. The worst thing was that people around non-smokers to stop smoking as smoking. I know, let my wife a decade ago. I smoked out rain, snow or blizzard. I hope that as a non-smoker, I have never received so much.

It was a very pleasant person to be there when I tried to quit smoking. Im sure that smokers know how to get angry if we did not had a cigarette for a while. Every morning I tried to have a cigarette, I am doomed to failure by a coffee and immediately after breakfast, I went with the hope that someone smokes in my face. I always attack nearby picnic lunch and dinner only to return with a desire to again and again. I'm definitely a good part of the day. The near left end. I was convinced that I will smoke the rest of my life. I thought it was connected with a good, up oopm a sunny afternoon at 3: I had my last cigarette, then washed my Jeep.

Everyone told me he was ready. I do not know if I was ready. What we know, there are many important things that had to do, they are completely and I'm not really sure about later, the main thing I smoke two more months. I know that one of the most important things that contributed to it when I said some time would have to smoke, even though I knew smoked. I will not say out loud when people around me who knew that they smoked. Who could possibly believe that I missed. I told myself that I am a non smoker for about two weeks before departure. Self-preparation, you may want to call. Actually I knew I had to quit. Perhaps I was ready.

This Sun afternoon, I had smoked a cigarette in the left intermediate washing my jeep. I told my wife I had bought that afternoon. You heard me say many times before. He told me to give it a try, and some later, and do not buy from me, it is difficult to try at least.
Repeat: it was okay to buy more later. I think my wife just gave up and left.

The other important thing to do when trying to quit smoking need to learn is to grow the rough. This afternoon we will stop buying cigarettes falling by bedtime. Bedtime came too late to go to the store. I got up the next morning.

In the morning, and I am convinced that I am a non smoker. I decided to press something else to call my weaknesses. I had coffee, what to tell you not to do. I almost brother-sister more than one night because he smoked. I told my wife to come over it, but only had to smoke outside. I thought for a while and decided that we wanted to stay outside and watch the smoke. She also said not to drink beer or alcohol, if you try to quit. I bought a six pack and drank and watched the smoke. It was the first day it was. Finally gave not feel the next day. Nic access were gone! The cravings were gone! Placing smoke was not too bad start! The U.S. dollars are wasted on cigarettes have disappeared! It was like being born again.

The main purpose of smoking was for me to convince a few weeks before I am a non smoker. Exit half of the day was the important thing else to do. Do you think for one second. The day was for me not so long ago would have had were abandoned early in the morning. When you stop in the morning, it takes about 16 hours to go before going to sleep and forget. I stopped at 3:00 in the afternoon with only 8 hours until bedtime, forget it. It was half the amount of time to put everything to rest. I have a 16 hours immediately after the nicotine in my system before the morning prayer. Stop in the morning before it was always difficult because the smoke and a cup of coffee is always a pleasure for me.

The last important thing to do but learn to say no to the rest of the day. The demand was not as bad as other days, but to stop. There must be something with the time I had to do at the end. The demand was not as bad as previously attempted. The next day, I do not see smoke all the time. Addiction is finally gone, and I do not get to see the cigarette, which I miss!

Convince yourself that you are a non smoker for about two weeks.

Finish This last half cigarette of the day, if you see something that we will be happy to do so. Make sure you are in a good mood!

Do not tell anyone to leave. Tell them not to buy anything for the rest of the day.

More hesitation for 6 to 8 hours, which should not be too difficult for some of us.

Faced with all its weaknesses, you think you are back to smoking now.


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