Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The best method to quit smoking

Here is the original program that will show how, after some steps you can forget about this bad habit and quit smoking.

First, you need motivation. If you smoke, it is important that the ground stop. In this case, the result is not a goal. The reason may change your life for health care for the future of your children, your family and others you love, because it is too passive smoking and won the heart of a person who does not approve, smoking is a good reason. You can find thousands of reasons to quit smoking. But I have a test ground of the will to fight for her health - that usually causes a person to the top of the street. This makes his next attempt two more times.

The next step is to put all the things to remember about smoking. Hide rid of as much as possible, or better all ashtrays, lighters, smoking head of ...
(Joke). Do not feel sorry for all those things in which smoking is no longer necessary to quit. If there are some things that are really valuable for you, gifts or anything else, give your friends to the shop. And I would have again if you are not ready.

People who quit smoking are recommended as a gimmick, like the last cigarette. Before smoking was a symbol of new life, you should keep your mouth with 0.1% solution of silver. The combination of smoke and silver detasteble feeling, and that is smoked to protect you to feel nostalgia for the last cigarette.

Smoking is primarily a psychological addiction. Once the time is much more free to leave the service. Finally, without a cigarette, his hands do not know what to do, in fact, prevent the return of old habit, you should find another business. Try to hand coach Pearl mobile games.
By the way, British scientists discovered that the popularity of mobile gaming, the number of smokers has decreased. The investigation revealed that the game is the occasion to highlight the fight, is more effective and not harmful to health.

Not only the hands and mouth is a new profession, it is to find the cigarette. Imagine a supply of gum, snuff and even replaced.

People who quit smoking should be mentioned that during the first months have been a guilty conscience. These are signs of recovery. These symptoms disappear with the first cigarette, the greater the likelihood of your bad habit free. Do not give up! Use any type of product for people who smoke: nicotine, or - better - of course, patches, lozenges, chewing gum, patches, leaving everything to quit alone!

So I have, several days are not a smoke, but smokers to remember the old desire. Needless to say, how they fight the temptation, the best way to avoid them.

People who had thus passed to the final, often say that the statements, usually from smoking, such as stress attended parties with friends smokers faced the most difficult. Many people do not exceed this limit. Psychologists explain this as a standard of conduct, which remains in the mind of a smoker. To combat this, connect your imagination. Can you imagine that a person non-smoking friends smoke? Now in your project. Modify your memories, replaced by a picture of you smoking, healthy subjects. Use the opportunity to control the desires and emotions that give people.

Finally, I remember what I said, reviewing the rationale and objectives. If you stop smoking and do not want to return, remember that achieved the desired goal, now has more life than before. Be happy, be happy to assist you with your experience, and these feelings have to go as far as possible to the old habit to maintain.


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