Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The main reasons for smoking

Believe that the main reason in the world today and that is to reduce stress. So what is stress, we are able to release him from smoking, if not, how can we get rid of him we see the reason for smoking.

what is stress?
Stress is the result of feeling helpless to respond, unable to walk, unable to meet deadlines and under pressure. Stress may be because for some reason, you can be in the office, at home or even a bad economic situation, pressure, or it could be because something you are not happy.

Can you get rid of smoking?
We can relieve stress through smoking? Will smoking to relax and feel better, even in life? Now you can see this way, smoking will kill this bad financial situation or your work for your office or even simple things at home. I don't think so! And why smoking, which can not cure the problems, but only for a few minutes at most.

So what do you do?
What should I do in a time of stress? The solution is to put it on the head. We need to find a lasting solution to the problem. If you have financial difficulties, go to the bank. Trouble at the office, please refer to your boss. Do not go to the store to buy more cigarettes, usually sort the problem long term. By facilitating the controversy head on your anxiety over time.

Don't Smoke: Smoking is bad for you. Smoking increases the risk of death from lung cancer and breast several times. The sinking of the lungs during sports. A good way to relax stress in the short term driven by the sport, can control much better than smoking.

Tobacco the chemical contained in the cigar narrows the blood vessels and strains our heart. This gives you a higher risk of stroke and heart disease. If you still haven't stop them, should go to a stress free way to stop. This way you will not feel worse than if you smoke.


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