Thursday, December 3, 2009

Learn, as smoking increases the risk of lung cancer

From what most know smoking is dangerous and can lead to lung cancer. But many people know that smoking is still the health continue to engage with the bad habit of smoking. The image of life and cool is probably a greater or more important than your health. Some people ignore the facts, while others know the dangers of snuff.

Some only develop as a habit and custom is very hard to beat. Over the years, is also an increase in the price of snuff, not demand reduction.
It is taught in business 101, the demand for cigarettes is not related to the change in prices. Cigarettes are very cheap assets, making it more difficult habit to break.

Smoking is the leading cause of cancer. Other smoking can cause lung cancer, other health complications such as emphysema, bronchitis and heart disease.

The probability of developing cancer may be any number of snuff consumption. But of course, the more smoke, cancer, cancer risk is also higher. A chain smoker is more likely to develop cancer. Some young adults aged 22 were lung cancer chain smoking.

Although still able to undergo non-smoking lung cancer, chances are, this is very low. But if you stop smoking, your body will eventually repaired and the lungs begin to disappear.

Smoking causes over 90% of cancer cases. Definitely worth your efforts to quit smoking if you do not want to die of lung cancer.

Women exposed to the same risks as men to develop lung cancer. In general, most cases victims of lung cancer in men. However, the number of cases of lung cancer suffered by women is also high. In fact, more women die of lung cancer related to smoking, breast cancer compared with cancer.

The secondhand smoke can also lung cancer. This is because research has shown that snuff is more dangerous than firsthand smoke.
So if you value and love your friends to stop smoking and not smoking in front of them, as we kill them.


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