Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The basic principle of Breast Cancer Surgery

that breast cancer surgery is performed to ensure that the tumor is removed, and make sure that the breast is saved by the removal of malignant tissue. The goal is to make the undesirable growth of the tumor, as it means that the tumor to destroy not spread across the chest.

Regarding the types of breast cancer is surgery, that it decided several types of breast surgery and the doctor in consultation with you the best possible operation. In particular, the decision with a kind of operation against each other is because of medical needs to go hit. There are several factors that decide an operation that is the best course of action, such as tumor size, tumor location and type of breast cancer.

In the most ideal case, the surgeon advised to remove the tumor, which means that cancer tissue means is stopped with the surrounding tissue in normal tissue growth removed their marks.

Then there is a partial mastectomy in which the majority of breast tissue with the surrounding healthy tissue is removed. The third type is a mastectomy if you remove the entire breast. This is to prevent the spread of cancer to lymph nodes. In some cases, the chest lymph nodes removed and the so-called radial gentle surgery.

In all cases, followed by radiotherapy for the treatment of breast tissue is removed and the subsequent recovery phase of recovery of ions into the hospital for a certain time. This period is two or three days for a full mastectomy.

Surgery for breast cancer can be controlled for breast reconstruction is, like breast enlargements or breast enlargement simple words known.

Be sure the surgeon that it consult with no side effects caused by the continuation of radiotherapy. Also, if you need Reconstructive surgery be sure to consult a doctor because there are cases in which stores, surgery is not possible immediately. Some surgery can possibly exist to make money and is ready to everything, which as a patient in total medical Council will disregard. To secure all the help and advice before deciding on a plan of action ever.

Surgery for breast cancer can be very difficult to handle emotionally, make sure your family and your friends to tide you over difficult times.


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