Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Complications during breast feeding

sore nipples

Many mothers complain about tender nipples, breast-feeding too painful and frustrating. The news is good, even if, as most mothers do not suffer so much. The nipples harden quickly and almost painlessly make breastfeeding. Poorly positioned babies or young children who can really hard breasts very painful to suck. Here are some ways to alleviate your symptoms.

1st Make sure your baby is well placed, because a baby who is not in the correct position, the main cause of sore nipples.

2nd Once you're done feeding, place your breasts in the air and try to protect clothing and other irritations.

3rd After feeding are ultra purified lanolin, eighth medical quality and sure to avoid petroleum jelly and other oil products.

4th Make sure to wash your nipples with soap and water.

5th Many women find bags under cold running water to relieve a little when placed on the nipple.

6th Make sure you change your position every time a power to ensure that another area of the nipple is compressed each time.

Clogged milk ducts:

Blocked milk ducts can be identified as small, red on the delicate breast tissue. Plugged ducts can lead to store milk and cause an infection.
The best way to unclog these ducts is to ensure that you have as completely empty. They should offer the clogged breast first at lunch time, let your baby is as empty as possible.

When the milk left over after the meal, the remainder by hand or pump is removed. You should also avoid making the pressure in the direction that your bra is too tight.

Breast infection:

Mastititis also known breast inflammation usually caused by completely empty the breast milk can, germs, the milk ducts through cracks and crevices to give the nipple, and reduced maternal immunity due to stress or diet unhealthy.

The symptoms of breast infection include pain and stiffness, the hardness of the breast, redness of the breast, heat coming from the area, swelling or chills.

The treatment of breast infection includes bed rest, antibiotics, pain relievers, increased fluid intake and the application of heat. Many women stop breast feeding during an infection, but is actually the wrong thing to do. By emptying the breasts to prevent clogged milk ducts really help.

If the pain is so bad that you can not feed, try using a pump while laying in a bath with hot water, with your breasts floating comfortably in the water. Also, make sure the electric pump is not whether you want to use it in the bathtub.

You should always make sure that breast infections rapidly and completely, or at risk of abscesses treated. An abscess is very painful, with throbbing and swelling. They will also experience swelling, tenderness and warmth in the area abscess. If the infection progresses to this point, can your doctor prescribe medication and even surgery.


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