Monday, May 31, 2010

What kind of most common Risk Factors involves in Prostate Cancer

Apart from skin cancer, prostate cancer has been reported that the most common form among American men. It is expected that more than 200,000 new cases diagnosed with the disease in the United States and more than 27,000 male patients will die of the disease in 2006. The statistics also show that slightly more than 1.8 million Americans are survivors of illness.

Prostate cancer was found to occur at a higher rate among African Americans than any other race. Compared with Asian countries and Europe, the United States, where the disease is more common. The reasons for these percentages are not conclusive. Some experts say that could be due to the power of the Asian men, rich in fruits and vegetables, rather than the Western diet, rich men in red meat. In the case of a larger number of confirmed cases in the U.S. medical researchers say it could be due to better diagnostic systems in the country compared to the less-developed regions.

Factors associated with risk of prostate cancer, age is associated with the main culprit. This condition is very rare in men under 45 years, but its likelihood increases rapidly after the 50th Year of life. With regard to genetics, which has people with a first university degree, as a mother or father, the disease had a higher risk of developing cancer considered. Although no study has yet found the gene affects the probability that a man shown with this condition, the statistics show that those who addressed parents in order to develop prostate cancer rather than to reach the age of the affected communities.

The regime has also been considered as risk factors for this cancer in combination. For those who eat lots of red meat and dairy products rich in fat, the risk of developing cancer as superior. Smokers have also considered as one of the high-risk groups into consideration. This could be because the cigarettes and snuff with factors for DNA damage and mutation are added, even though scientists are still unsure of the process by which smoking contributes to the development of cancer of the prostate plan.

Because prostate cancer is a kind of slow development can not be diagnosed for years. Autopsy reports showed that some men had died of other causes have found prostate cancer in its been revealed, but no symptoms and have not suffered and has been affected by the disease. The disease is more common in older people, especially those over 50 years, can not show without them, regardless of the person, and finally, the patient from other causes, without dying of cancer, appears every time, or to individual suffering.

Although the rate of developmental delay in most cases, is always an advantage if prostate cancer is diagnosed at an early stage. Many treatments and management methods have been developed over the years, provided that higher survival rate and reduce the number of deaths each year. Scientists hope that someday this condition is well explained and prevention techniques will be developed.


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