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Strategies for natural treatment of breast cancer

Many women with breast cancer are interested in more about the natural treatment options. This type of treatment is often referred to in the field of medicine and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatment, and indeed there are a number of different types of treatment options that fall into this category.

Understanding CAM

CAM is any kind of practice, the system or product is not considered standard treatment. There are three areas of the natural treatment of breast cancer in this category, complementary medicine, alternative medicine and integrative medicine.

Additional drugs are used in conjunction with medical treatments such as chemotherapy and surgery. A complementary therapy acupuncture is often used to help with the side effects of cancer treatment-related. Alternative medicine, however, is a natural treatment method that is used instead of conventional medical treatments. Special systems for the treatment of cancer, for example, can be used instead of chemotherapy.
Integrative medicine takes care of your body, mind and soul through the combination of traditional medicine techniques with CAM techniques.

Natural Breast Cancer Treatment Techniques Involving the Mind and Body

There are a number of treatment techniques you can utilize to help ease the pain and assist in the treatment process. Some of these techniques include:

Biofeedback - using machines to learn certain body functions that are not normally aware of prejudice, that your heart rate.

Meditation - concentration in breathing or repeating words or phrases in an attempt to calm the mind.

Yoga - Special sections and, with special attention to your breathing.

Hypnosis - creating a relaxed and focused state of attention and focus on certain thoughts, feelings or ideas to support the healing process.

Creative Outlets - special treatment, such as dance, music and art.

Images imagine - to help heal certain images, scenes or experiences the body.

Biological Natural Breast Cancer Treatment Options

It you to treat her breast cancer, taking advantage of things in nature, such as natural products and dietary supplements. There may be certain foods, vitamins, herbs and special dietary plans. Soy products are that an additive have shown promising results in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

It should also whole grain foods, beans, nuts, fruits, vegetables, oily fish and low fat dairy products, flaxseed, green tea, herbs as possible, and the oil is olive oil or canola oil diets. All kinds of herbs are in addition to your diet, how they can help their intake of phytochemicals that fight cancer, increase good.

Body-Based Natural Breast Cancer Treatment Options

Treatment on the body are at work in one or more parts of the body. Achieving these techniques of manipulation of the body, a higher level of health. Massage involves the manipulation of tissues, while chiropractic care manipulates the skeletal system and joints. Reflexology, which uses pressure points to his feet and hands to affect parts of the body is a different type of treatment.

Before you initiate a program for treatment, it is important to consult with your doctor. There are some foods and supplements can actually interfere with other forms of treatment, so that you ensure that you follow the plan, which is sure to want.

Your best bet is to consult a professional training in natural strategies. Your doctor or nurse can refer you to a specialists. Otherwise, contact Cancer Center or local hospital and ask for names of professionals who could help. Before working with the individual, but make sure it is licensed to practice in your state. Your health is important, so make sure you have the best possible care.


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