Monday, May 31, 2010

The treatment of prostate cancer surgery, you know your options

In many cases, prostate cancer, early surgical treatment is recommended as a first approach. If he had prostate cancer detected early, is the operation of a relatively simple procedure. Only the section of prostate cancer.

Sometimes, however, the treatment of prostate cancer surgery is not planned how. This happens when the cancer is in the vicinity of nerves or the urethra, and is therefore long-term side effects are a possibility. You need to consider these questions before accepting the treatment.

If the nerves that control the penis is damaged during processing, then you can develop impotence, which would seriously affect your future sex life.
You should discuss with your partner and see what you think about it before accepting the transaction.

Two other possible consequences of surgical treatment of prostate cancer are urinary incontinence and leakage. Incontinence is if you have little control of urination, while the bladder is the place where you can control, if you can urinate, but your ship just before or after emptying the bladder.
These two symptoms often disappear after a few weeks, but in case they are not prepared will be.

Treatment of prostate cancer surgery is a painful procedure and the days after the surgery, you feel very unwell, and can include heart and stabs on nurses to help on the toilet. However, it is a small price to pay to rid cancer.

There are different types of treatment for prostate cancer available and you choose will be specific to your case. It is necessary to discuss your options with your oncologist when choosing a treatment. Your oncologist should be well equipped to handle all the information you need to make an informed decision.

In most cases the entire prostate is removed, so there is little chance that the cancer will come back at a later time. The surrounding lymph nodes are also removed because it is the first that the cancer had spread to eliminate it and the surgeon is every chance of the spread of cancer in the body to remove later.

One radical prostatectomy removes the prostate whole, however, the surgeon can the body through the abdominal wall or through one incision between the scrotum and the anus in place. In some cases, when the cancer to be on a specific area of the prostate, laparoscopic or endoscopic surgery is limited to one option, so that only the infected articles must have to remove the gland.

His decision on the specific treatment of surgery for prostate cancer depends on the extent of the cancer and your individual needs. Is very important for you to discuss your decision with his family. You may have some elements that will help you decide which option is preferable, it can.


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