Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three thinkable Breast Cancer Symptoms

Breast cancer is a cancer that approximately 44 500 people are affected each year. Of these about 300 are regarded as men. Designed to run when the breast tissue, multiply quickly and uncontrollably. Like other types of cancer, the symptoms are difficult to detect. But if you know what you are looking for then your chances to identify early stage disease are much higher. In this article I will help you do this by discussing three possible symptoms.

1) a lump or thickness in the chest: - Most breast lumps are not cancerous. According to Cancer Research UK 90% of these bits are unaffected by changes in the appearance of breast cancer, causing cysts (pockets of fluid in the breast tissue) or fibroadenomas (a group of fibrous glandular tissue).
However, it remains the most common symptom of breast cancer, so it pays to identify the pieces checked by your doctor to leave. Even if it can not show cancer to identify the cause and, if the tumor removed just go see your doctor.

2) A change in breast skin appearance: - If your breast skin begins to look different that could be a sign of breast cancer. This type of cancer can cause the skin of the chest wound itself (like an orange peel), wrinkles, inflammation or swelling. However, as a smooth change in the appearance of the skin of the breast other factors. It can also be caused by less serious illnesses, some medications that are taken or to influence others. Whatever the cause, you should test any unexplained changes in your skin by your doctor, have to be on the safe side.

3) nipple discharge LIQUID - Another possible symptom is nipple discharge breast cancer. This download may take the form of blood or pus is clear, green or yellow. However, as the symptoms above the nipple discharge is usually low in other cases. But the only way to be sure is to go to a doctor to conduct further tests and determine the cause.

Breast cancer is relatively difficult to detect. Even if you identify any of the above symptoms, this does not necessarily mean that you have cancer.
We know, however, is what to look you can quickly find and go to your doctor. If they find that the symptoms are not cancer, you can be reassured. When symptoms do not appear to be cancerous are still in good position, because the cancer found early, when it is much more manageable. Check your breasts regularly and if you have any symptoms are listed in the article reference see your doctor immediately.


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