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While it is planned when engorged breast milk

During the first two or three days after birth, you may discover that your breasts are swollen, tender, throbbing, lumpy and too full.
Sometimes, the swelling will extend to the armpit, and you can have a low fever as well run.


Within 72 hours after birth, the abundance of milk will come, or for your baby. If this happens, more blood will flow over your breasts and the surrounding tissue swells. The result is full, swollen, milk jam.

Not all mothers after delivery, congestion experienced truth. Some women's breasts are full of very little, while others find their breasts have surprisingly heavy. Some women hardly feel the pain as in other matters involved in the first few days.Handling it

Note that congestion is a positive sign, they produce milk to feed her baby. Until you the right amount:

1st Use a nursing bra, even at night - be sure it is not too tight.

2nd Often quiet every 2-3 hours if possible. Try the first page of your breasts as soft as possible. If your baby seem satisfied with one breast, you can give to another in the next shot.

3rd Avoid letting your baby latch on and suckle when the nipple is very firm. To reduce the risk of nipple damage, you can use a pump until your areola softens.

4th Avoid pumping milk except when necessary to facilitate the areola soft or if it can not snap her baby. The pumps can be extended to lead to an overproduction of milk and congestion.

5th To relieve pain and reduce swelling, apply cold compresses to the breasts for a short time after you nurse. Crushed ice in a plastic bag as well.

6th Forward vision. You spent this congestion in a short time and soon you will be your relationship with your baby, breastfeeding enjoy.

The congestion is going to happen very quickly. You can expect to feed a decrease of 24-48 hours, as your baby when addressing the problem. If you are breast feeding, which usually get worse before it gets better. Once congestion is over, your breasts are softer and still full of milk. During this time you can and should remain silent. not relieve the congestion can cause a decrease in milk production, it is important to the breast from the beginning. Watch for signs of hunger and dine him when he needs to be fed.


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