Monday, May 31, 2010

Do not Give take a chance Lung Cancer

Our lung is one of the main engines of our body. However, without regular attention and care, and dust in the background when it comes to the issue of the closure or spirit.
The behavior of the leaders of our lungs is gas exchange between air we breathe and to replace our blood. It is through our lungs is carbon dioxide is emptied from our body and oxygen transport our blood vessels. It is known that the two parts of the lungs overlap. The right lung has three lobes, where the left lung has two lobes and another part is called the lingula which is like the center of the cloth.

The lung is the primary means of pest control resulting in death in men and women in the world. Only since the 1930s that the baggage of the lung growth are strengthened. This is mainly attributable to tobacco use, and much more uncertain and pollution caused by smoke in the world. 90% of lung cancers are caused by smoking. Recently, governments and countries around the globe, the rate is dramatically increased snuff, significant results in harmful use of tobacco companies.

Some people wrongly believe that pipe and cigar smoking is not as damaging to the lungs than cigarettes. And vile cigar smokers risk of 5% more likely to die from lung cancer growth as Non smoking. This proportion is 25% for cigarette smokers.

Passive smokers, smokers do not smoke and adjournment in an environment where other smoke, they inhale the smoke and risk are 24% more likely to develop sarcoma of (only 1% less than a cigarette smoker.

Other risk factors for the development of the parasite are the fibers of asbestos, radon, inherited predispositions (genetic) and other lung diseases and air pollution.

Lung cancers are divided into two types. small unit and the threat of Kabbalah NSCLC. This distinction is based on the appearance of cells under the microscope and the appearance of tumor cells. Both types of cancer and other habits growing up, so the distinction.

threatened small stand is the most aggressive and rapidly growing category of cancers and for 20% of cancers. It tends to increase for the first time in the respiratory tract and grows best in high dispersion around a large area. In its home territory, the closer to the chemotherapy, but always has a bad prognosis. The source of this problem is largely due to smoking.

In addition, the section of lung disease in non-small, the prognosis is bleak. Patients receiving chemotherapy usually live three months longer than untreated. This source is divided into two types of assistants, one on top of the main breathing tubes, but a little slower. This means that the size of these tumors varies when diagnosed. 50-60% of the cell began the field of non-small-sarcoma flat in emerging pulmonary gas exchange. This form is more common in smokers, and along these are Non smoking women, most of which are artificial.

Our lungs are a very sensitive organ, is often the landing site of metastasis (when cells are increasingly important to the growth of the Division) of the scourge of other body parts. In this drawer, which he called for the original part of your body, for example, cancer of the breast.

Cancer is a hidden disease. Women to ovarian cancer scourge of gastric origin. purest athlete works better, thank you a strong vegetarian a person is absent. If you are in the lungs, which is breathtaking. Not to try it.


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