Monday, May 31, 2010

Meaningful information about kids and Lung cancer

In 2004, the British had deserted 153, 397 deaths caused by the tumor itself. Each year around 38,000 bags of lung scourge in the United Kingdom lonesome. The entire population in the United Kingdom at the time of diagnosis was estimated at 60.2 million people. A closer look reveals the current limit of the disease, that is the implementation of a search. Driven by cancer has risen by 1% per year. People Cancer property especially at the end of life, but is also considered in children and adolescents to construct. About 75% of deaths occur in people older than 65 years or more ruin. With a high proportion of deaths that occur in older people, is the scourge, the world for 1-4 or 25% of deaths of all ages. This number is the largest among adults under 65 years old, giving rise to 1 in 3 or 33% of all deaths from the plague.

There are over 200 different types of the disease, but only four of these guys are responsible for 48% of all burn deaths allies. Lung cancer was the conquest of the chief scourge of the song diagnosis for 22% of all death threat in 2004. The intestines were breast and prostate cancer responsible for 11% to 8% of deaths from other scourge. Why the value of suffering lung threat is so high? Simply smoking by the number of people cigarettes. About 80% of pneumonic plague deaths caused by smoking.

Snuff stop reduction in consumption or seriously reduce the number of deaths from melanoma. Worldwide, more than 1.3 million cases of lung cancer are diagnosed each year. The extension of smoking is responsible for the greatest number of deaths from lung burns, with more frequently in people over 65 and still lives differ. It is very rarely diagnosed in children under 40. Scotland has at the height of pneumonic plague patients evaluated in the United Kingdom.

Scotland has memories and high smoking men and women between the Scottish maximum obligation of the threat in the world. Why is the tariff is so high in Scotland? Exposure to carcinogens and industrial humble food is to contribute to the high number of patients. Exposure to asbestos is responsible for about 6% of cases of melanoma diagnosed pulmonary CAP. If you look worldwide, the most important rates of melanoma in the lungs of the world to people in Eastern Europe as well as men are in North America. The plan is similar for women with the most important number of patients in Denmark, Hungary and Iceland.

In the U.S., the deterioration of lung function incedences higher in the black population for men and women, in contrast, Hispanics and Asians a smaller number of cases, the dough man.

Children are not immune to smoking about a quarter of the smoke at the age of 15 years. As the practice of smoking urbanized life occurs over time among adolescents, and 19 are still addicted to smoking. There is evidence that points to the truth that starts early in the life of a person to place more emphasis on the probability, estimated that the growth of smoke in the lungs the update. So the fans immaturity occurs, the greater is the attempt of a lung disease. This paper is more important than the number or scope of the paper from the smoke, then to the development of leisure right or nicotine dependence.

Some of the factors that cause children to smoke has a mother who is a smoker, or brothers or friends. Advertising exposure to cigarette smoking is a cause that leads the children to smoke. Passive smoking by a person, we put at stake for the development of lung cancer. It could also important respiratory diseases in children. Children whose parents smoke grass are also at risk of asthma, middle ear inflammation and infections SIDS.

The stadium is the happiness in the UK is becoming more alarming when one of the fact that one of three children growing up in a household with one child to the parent who smokes, continues. The smokers who consume up to 14 cigarettes a day suffer from lung cancer eight times more likely to be updated as Non smoking.
It is alarming that smokers who consume 25 or more per day are 25 times more likely to fall ill, with lung cancer.

For the sake of their children if they stop, do not force to quit smoking and to greater satisfaction in their life days later, more specialized, and children are free from the threat of respiratory diseases that can cause a premature end to a beautiful life. While this is not for you, for the welfare of their children.


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