Monday, May 31, 2010

Historical background of lung cancer

Lung cancer was almost non-existent in 1900. In the mid-20th Purely century, but became a U.S. apparent throughout epidemic and the rest of the world. This dramatic increase correlated with the high prevalence of smoking. Tobacco industry has increased its production immediately prior the First World War. The first part of the epidemic the typical period of 20-30 years of delay between the onset of smoking, and the actual tumors. Despite the negative correlation Snuff companies the finally founded in 1950. The tobacco companies to continue to claim that smoking was not addictive and do not lead to cancer. The tobacco companies are still most profitable companies in the world.

Lung cancer is not a single tumor, but a group of tumors aggressive malignant lower respiratory tract are by far the human tumor most lethal men of the world since 1987 exceeded breast cancer as the leading cause of cancer death in women United States of America
(68 800 vs 39 800 among women in 2004), a little known fact, and health experts of many. Women now make 40% of cancer cases all lung. The reason is not known, but disease to women who smoke are more than twice as likely as male smokers with lung cancer. Even years for smokers and smokers quit, the risk of contracting lung cancer remains high. The risk of using tobacco from the second hand is real and women are a significantly higher risk.

The annual incidence and mortality of lung cancer increased more than any other cancer in the last ten years. In 1950 were, 318 deaths from lung cancer in the United States. American Cancer The company estimates that 172,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed this year lung will be what to expect 13% of the 1.3 million cases in total new cancer and will survive less than 15% of these patients. The study estimates that more than 160,000 deaths from lung cancer SAA in 2004, was 28% mortality all cancer. Lung cancer alone accounts for more cancer deaths than the combined number of the next four most common causes of cancer death for the United States. Despite great advances in medicine over the past 40 years the overall survival at 5 years after lung cancer has remained remarkably stable only%. However, in all types of cancer with programs for early detection, survival after five years rate significantly increased over the past 20 years. 50-62% 75-86 Colon improved cancer of breast and prostate cancer, 67-97%%. Unfortunately, the current American Cancer Society official position disadvantages cancer of lung examination, even in people at high risk, although the survival rate five years after a first phase in 67% of lung cancer after surgery to patients commonly present diagnosed symptomatic usually have advanced Gave survival of less than 10% at 5 years.

The public perception that patients with lung cancer are to blame for their disease has, the lack of awareness and poor patient organizations created disparity with other, less common causes of cancer funded are relatively better. Interest than half of patients diagnosed with lung cancer today Non smoking or former smoker and are women particularly affected many of them in the consumption of snuff them victims second hand. An effective fight against lung cancer require prevention, screening and early intervention programs. Lung-cancer screening should be a priority of public health funds certainly exist liquidation of companies to be snuff.


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