Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three most valuable points for Preventing Breast Cancer

Breast cancer affects about 45,000 people in Britain every year. No one knows exactly what causes this condition, but occurs when cells multiply in the chest early rapid and uncontrolled. Although no one knows the exact cause, there are several factors that were associated with prevention.
In this article I want to prevent three tips to help unpleasant disease can will be discussed.

1) to consume less alcohol: - A number of studies have suggested that the consumption of alcohol may increase your chances of this type of cancer. Cancer Research UK estimates that around 2,000 cases of breast cancer in the United Kingdom are reported each year caused by alcohol. Several studies also suggest that the amount of alcohol consumed has a direct effect on their likelihood of this disease. Therefore, if you are drinking alcohol, a higher risk for a none drinker and if you are a drinker then you are at higher risk for moderate drinkers.

Now I'm not saying that disfigure their alcohol consumption, because there are other factors that breast cancer has too much influence. However, it could be a good idea to monitor your alcohol consumption for a week and see if there is somewhere you could make some cuts. Perhaps rather than drink a glass of wine with every dinner and was able to alternate every other night. Perhaps instead of alcoholic drinks per week with friends for dinner or go to a movie every two weeks. Small changes like these could contribute to the overall consumption of alcohol.

2) Eat more healthy foods - Many researchers agree that a healthy diet is the key to preventing breast cancer. In particular, trans fats on the development of this cancer have been associated. On the other hand, the fruits and vegetables thought to reduce your cancer risk because they contain vitamins and phytochemicals protects against cancer.

If your diet contains a large quantity of processed foods or husband then you really need to cut that they are usually responsible for the trans fat. Also, try to make sure that you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. As for alcohol, you do not need any significant changes to your diet immediately. Instead of replacing one of the processed foods in your diet, try a piece of fruit or vegetables per week. Before you get your diet generally have improved for the better, ie the difference between the purchase of this type of cancer and could not afford.

3) NO MORE exercise - Exercise will help to prevent this type of cancer. A study by Dr. Michael Leitzmann, which was published in the Journal of Breast Cancer conducted [accessed proposes a] that the vigorous activity such as running, intensely competitive sport and dance have their risk of contracting disease reduced. But no less intense exercise does not have the same effect. Therefore, if your current lifestyle is relatively inactive attempt strenuous exercise two or three times a week. If you stick to ideas, jogging, running, jumping and team sports are a good choice.

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer in the United Kingdom. But waiting can be identified following prevention tips in this article will help you. Reduce your consumption of alcohol, improve their diet and increasingly active, positive lifestyle options that everyone should do. You will not only improve their general health, but you can protect yourself against this type of cancer such as cancer.


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