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Three General Breast Cancer Tests

About 44 500 people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Although the exact cause is unknown, we know that starts when start the breast to multiply rapidly and uncontrollably fabric. The symptoms of cancer can be seen often difficult, but fortunately there are a number of tests done by your doctor. In this article I will discuss three of these tests.

1) Physical examination - This test is usually the first breast cancer, your doctor will make. While most of the tumors during the examination of conscience can be established that there are some anomalies, which can not reach. has a qualified physician experienced in the examination of the breasts for signs of cancer, is much easier to have lost one of these anomalies place. If they have something in mind that to be able to recommend further tests.

2) Mammography: - This is an X-ray examination of the breast. It is useful to identify abnormalities in the breast such as lumps or deposits of calcium. These abnormalities may be early signs of breast cancer when the mammogram is a good way to detect early warning signals. But it can be used to determine whether these abnormalities are cancerous, your doctor if you notice something is, if a mammogram can call you for further analysis.
3) The fine-needle aspiration cytology of (FNAC) - In this test the insertion of a breast fine needle at each node or abnormality that your doctor has found. It will then be possible to determine if the bulge contains a liquid (and thus non-cancerous) or solid (and therefore potentially cancer). When the mass of solid needle allows the physician to remove some cells for further examination under a microscope. This test will show whether the cells are cancer cells.

Breast cancer is one of the most common species in the United Kingdom and can be fatal if ignored. However, if detected early usually treatable. If you notice something different on the chest, then it is better than cure. Go to your doctor and get tested immediately. Perhaps a crucial step to fight cancer.

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