Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Becoming Surgery later on Breast Cancer

In the tragic case of the basis of total mastectomy in cancer nursing, the reconstruction is regularly accept an option. Modern technologies assigned to be her breasts to a point that seems inherent to restore. These surgeons the wrong operation and are now as the average for patients mastectomy.

There are many techniques use each year is unique and has on one hand custom. A consultation with a doctor is essential for the road and the exclusive right method for you.

Competence generally elected Breast Implant Reconstruction. Today, full of implants currently limited bags of salt in a silicon channel. You are in front of the block and the chest muscles under the skin that covers one-quarter of the breast.

In the past, filled with silicone implants are more traditional. There was a problem, the Titanic silicon could probably get into the body immune system caused problems of organization. The FDA recently announced, after it is no reason to believe that there are a lot of inconvenience and silicone breast implants have now officially lived. Some people, and no silicone implants, because they behave differently.

can be carried out in many cases the reconstruction during mastectomy. In another application, doctors recommend a waiting period to recover the body and permit the reconstruction of the old surgery on. Each case is individual and can not be defined by the physician and the question of serenity.

In general, two dramatic reconstruction delayed provided that if the barrier of the skin and breast tissue is sad. At this place we call extension works like a handkerchief, which inflates the tissue placed under the muscle. A surgeon injects a saline solution in stages over a longer period.
Sometimes, the expansion itself is ultimately the hostel. In other cases, the expander is removed and insert through a street of an eternal.

Surgery tissue are interpolated another group of breast surgery. They use the skin stomach, thigh or other areas as part of its total circulation.

TRAM (transverse rectus abdominous wave) surgery is one of the most common types of surgery to the muscles of the shock. Use the tissue of the abdomen barricade. A contrast left leg nail your first source of blood and tissue tissue extends into the chest area. A procedure removes unbound field intact muscles and the muscles, fat and blood vessels. Then blood vessels attached to the chest.

Another, more well on the community with tissue from the back. A fin is excited before the chest wall to invent a bra. A breast implant is inserted in-the-fly. There are other methods as well as one that uses the muscle tissue of the buttocks.

In each nipple of the application and / or reconstruction of the nipple may be necessary. It can be done at the same time, later or not at all. The nipple is the first regular unspent terrorism, cancer can regenerate.

Be aware that the operation is not without risks.

You can cure infections and complications with standard surgical. Breast implants are not guaranteed for a lifetime and may vary should be replaced later by another operation on your age. The ultimate result may be what expected to continue. Only a comprehensive action in consultation with a doctor, a realistic assessment of what we give to imagine.


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