Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Compare the Colic and Breastfeeding relationship

If a newborn baby leaves the womb, doctors encourage mothers who breast-feed the baby. This is because the milk of nutrients in the right concentration is. It also has antibodies, which is the front of the defense against bacteria and viruses.

Studies show that the mother continue breastfeeding until the age of 4 years. But because the teeth are already developed, many people choose to use a pump or change this situation for the formula.

One of the first challenges that parents face in the first six months is a condition in which the baby gets colic. That's when the baby is no reason at all, take them months to disappear cry.

Some physicians believe that the reason why a child behaves, because the milk that feeds at the breast of his mother.

There are two theories to explain this. The first is that babies who suck milk, a certain amount of air. Stimulate mother: the baby burp before going to bed so that he or she does not wake up later.

The second is the type of food the mother eats. gaseous foods are digested, transferred in the milk for infants will cause colic.

So far there is no sufficient evidence to establish a link between breastfeeding and colic to prove. Believe it or not, it happens more often to bottle feed rather than breast-fed infants. This means that the parent company, the attention to food consumed, if this condition is the case has to pay.

Those who are not able to do so, the support of a dietician can dishes such insurance to be replaced by something else.

Look at the food and ensure that the burp are only two ways to manage colic. You can also use the child on his shoulders or in a rocking motion. Some even sing a lullaby to sleep in which the child again.

Parents can also by a CD player near the crib, plays nursery rhymes. This will be the basis for the baby did not wake to the sounds outside the room or house.

During the day, a colicky baby in a warm bath or a massage will be removed. Because adults are stressed, sometimes to relieve tensions in the muscles, which makes this work are also for the child.

If the baby has grown and some teeth, maybe can help give a pacifier. Some babies cry if he or she does not have the ambition to do something about this device and can function as the uterus of a surrogate mother.

There is nothing wrong if the doctor has classified the children as colic. In fact, it is a blessing because it means that the child is normal.
Excessive crying or screaming opportunities for babies to draw attention to serve as a warning to parents, for the first time.

Parents must remain only in this phase. After all, babies with colic are hereditary, which means the same thing happened the mother and father several years ago.


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