Monday, May 31, 2010

some useful knowledge About Lung Cancer

Cells are the building blocks of shops, to make our lives. We know that cells are growing, of course, multiply the Gulf, and to keep our bodies healthy. Sometimes, however, are the same cells affected and multiply when there is no necessity. This move in a mass of cells, such as a node or a parasite known. A drop and an accelerated growth of cells in the lung is pulmonary melanoma. There are two types of lung cancer NSCLC fever canker small camera section and the scourge of the lung.

The categories of threat on the morphology of lung cells as seen under a microscope based. Both methods have their problems such as lung cancer, the distribution of the different habits.

The growing scourge of normal lung NSCLC cabin style that spreads slowly and grows. In this room are the big stand carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and squamous cell car, the three main types of Kabbalah scourge of NSCLC.

The cases of lung cancer ruin cabal are not as regular as that of the burn cell lung non small. This type of lung cancer, melanoma spreads quickly and can move the various body organs. This type of lung cancer as well as letters oats evil cabal known.

Destruction of the lung has been recently recognized as the most deadly forms of the disease in many developed countries including the United States, where 170,000 people die of the disease each year. Despite the changes begin in the lungs almost immediately led to exposure to carcinogens, lung disease tends to produce the next time.

The inhalation of carcinogens in cigarette smoke is the most important for the induction of pneumonic plague in smokers and nonsmokers. The challenge of obtaining increases in lung disease, if exposed to radon in the environment in addition to cigarettes. Workers people in the seats to the asbestos exposure threat otherwise known as the growth of lung mesothelioma lung cancer.

Most people are naturally melanoma lung more than fifty years and long-term smokers. The symptoms, depending on the setting of inflammation in the lungs. Some common symptoms of coughing up the threat to the rule in the chest, wheezing, and chronic lung infections.

An ophthalmologist can detect lung cancer fitness experience growth based on symptoms, chronic smoking, disease history, previous reports from the family of lung diseases and exposure to occupational and environmental issues. After the first tests, an X-ray are used to then make a diagnosis. Various diagnostic tests for cancer or small group of NSCLC and measure the scaffolding of corruption. Health experts are also able to prove whether the sarcoma is found in the lung or has been applied to other parts of the body.

Three methods of treatment of lung cancer, melanoma: chemotherapy (in which tumor cells can be eliminated by medication), radiation therapy (removal of the sarcoma cells with high doses of X-Hot Heat or high energy) and surgery (ejection cancer cancer). It is considered to be complex, with the delicate art of the theater lung cancer, but cancer can be treated early, standing with moderate success.

As the saying goes, a piece of prevention: a spot on the street. If you smoke, free of lung cancer from smoking forever. When to stop you now smoke regularly, your risk for cancer in the next 10-15 reduce existence, including the right lung.


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