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Seven factors that may increase the risk of Breast cancer

Breast cancer is a cancer that approximately 44 500 people are affected each year. It can affect men and women, with about 300 men from the disease each year. Cancer occurs when cells become malignant breast and begin to multiply out of control. can over time lead to the formation of a knot in his chest. No one knows exactly what causes this type of cancer, but there are a number of strong risk factors. In this article I will discuss these seven years.

1) Sex: - A woman is the most important risk factor for this cancer, which occurs in less than 1% of men. The reason is that women are breast cancer cells than men and these cells are constantly exposed to estrogen and progesterone. These female hormones in the promotion of growth and estimated growth of cancer cells.

2) Other: - Unfortunately, breast cancer is more common with increasing age. ill be up to the age of 39 women at increased risk of cancer is about 0.5%. However, the increase of 7% for women over 60 years. The reason that age is an important risk that the longer they live, the more turn cancerous cells against damage and.

3) The consumption of alcohol show: - studies that the more you drink the greater the risk of developing this cancer. Although alcohol consumption does not increase the risk for breast cancer significantly reduced the amount of alcohol consumed directly affects their own risk. Therefore, moderate drinkers are less likely to develop this type of cancer as a heavy drinker.

4) Other members of the family to CANCER: - the history of your family can determine the likelihood of developing the disease. If others in your family has cancer before and makes it more likely. There are also two specific genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 hereditary breast cancer-associated. If you have any of these genes also increases the risk.

5) NOT having children: - do not bear children or later in life (after 30 years of age) marginally increases the risk of breast cancer.
However, children are in their twenties, have more children reduces their risk.

6) MENSTRUAL PERIODS - menstruation is a risk of female breast cancer to increase the long term. Therefore begins women who began their time or enter menopause (a time that the female reproductive system is shut down completely) end up with a better chance of developing this cancer. This appears related to increased estrogen stimulates cancer cells, while the female reproductive system is active.

7) the personal history of breast cancer: - If you ever had this type of cancer more vulnerable than someone who has never had the disease. Besides this case, the d'avoir is the disease in the breast of his chances of development in the other breast much larger.

Many risk factors mentioned in this article, the outside of their control. Note, however, they can work outside of their personal risk. From here you can talk to your doctor on treatments and preventive measures. I hope this clarifies the confusion and helps you determine if you are at risk.


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Good article. Your articles are always concise and full of information.

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