Monday, May 31, 2010

The way of Orchiectomy for the treatment of prostate cancer

Orchietomy is a radical treatment for prostate cancer in which the testicles are removed completely. This happens because most cases of prostate cancer development and progress by the presence of male sex hormones, or more of the hormone testosterone and is produced by the testicles.

This type of treatment for prostate cancer is a form of hormone therapy that stop growing by manipulating hormone levels in the body of cancer cells divide and works. Although this therapy is well known that a positive effect on cancer, you find that the operation should have affected not reversible and the chances of your sex life, are almost 100%.

Men who have experienced this form of treatment for prostate cancer than their libido often decreases, and their desire for sex. Unfortunately, even if they have the desire for sex to impotence can be established, which can lead to long-term psychological problems. Orchietomy These side effects are common and you should consider and discuss this with your partner before deciding to undergo this form of therapy for prostate cancer.

Other side effects that treatment of prostate cancer with radical imbalance of hormone levels in male and female bodies are connected. By removing the testicles the concentration of testosterone in the body lowered by about 90%, but the concentration of estrogen, the female hormone will remain the same. This means that occasionally can develop breast tenderness, growth of breast tissue and osteoporosis. Other side effects are anemia, weight gain and depression and fatigue, but your oncologist may, at any of the side effects that explain in more detail with plenty of.

Before deciding for or against this form of treatment for prostate cancer, you must decide exactly what you want treatment. If you want to remove the cancer from the body, then orchietomy is a possibility, but there are other ways to remove the tumor completely, and these alternative treatments have fewer and less severe side effects. However, if you are 60 + and do not want surgery after this procedure is not for you and radiation therapy can only be used to control cancer growth. Even if you are still relatively young and do not suffer from impotence and lack of sexual desire, again, is not likely orchietomy prostate cancer treatment for you.

For impotence a side effect of radical treatment of prostate cancer should think hard before accepting anything. Talk with your partner and your oncologist and discuss alternative ways of treatment. There may be better than just a temporary side effects, so that even after a few weeks or months, you can enjoy a healthy sex life for you.


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