Thursday, May 20, 2010

Prevent deaths by breast cancer diagnosis

One step in early detection of breast self-examination. Techniques to find small breast anomalies make a big difference for many women. Although medications have refined diagnosed there are still debilitating side effects, detection is limited so early in most cases, the use and improves the general health of women with cancer. can increase the detection of these pieces in the chest significantly the effectiveness of less invasive and reduces the need for drugs against breast cancer.

Less than 20 years, more women find diagnosis breast cancer after breast cancer had returned and spread to other organs, and reduces the survival chances of the original disease. With the advances in cancer research and aggressive media campaign to get information about breast cancer to seek the general public, more women for early diagnosis and helps reduce the incidence of mortality, as the statistics of breast cancer.

Training for the test can be found in many medical Web sites, but it is better to learn to speak with your doctor and the right procedures. Women also need to know to find something bulky. Any changes in form or size of the breast should also be taken into account and can not be detected if the self-examination is carried out regularly.

One way to stand before a mirror, your arms are relaxed at your sides. Now look at the two breasts, but do not worry if they are not something different in size, breasts, most women are identical. Look for changes such as wrinkles around the nipples, the differences in color, or wounds. Now, to lean forward towards the mirror and rolled his shoulders and elbows, before you pull your chest muscles and looking for changes in the profile. Do the same on each page carefully monitored to avoid these anomalies.

Finding a lump or an abnormality of the other does not always mean that cancer is present. Women of all age groups, good-natured or cystic fibrosis by many causes. However, only can be determined by an assessment of these doctors. And when breast cancer is early detection have made great strides in medication and treatment of breast cancer, the thousands of lives have been saved. The most important factor in the survival rate for cancer that they seek medical attention as soon as possible. The earlier the treatment can be carried out in order to increase the chances of overall survival, and in many cases, the total remission.

Once you have a visual examination of the breasts, and took note of the changes or problems mentioned, it's time to feel a lump or thickening under the skin.
For best results, it is preferable that your doctor of all measures to ensure that you make this part of the test to explain properly. In all cases, the technique and measurements are essential to detect breast cancer early.

The research also shows that the statistics of breast cancer have improved in the areas of mortality in the last 10-15 years. Early diagnosis begins with the individual and the Internet is reliable information on breast cancer found. This is good news for thousands of women and their families, and a victory for the doctors and researchers who have worked tirelessly to prevent the early death of cancer.


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