Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Before the time of the catching of breast cancer

There are different types of infections that people are diagnosed and one of the most treatable of them is breasts evil. However, to be treated effectively, it is important that the disease is detected at an early stage of training. Their statement, because it may behave differently, see where more of these kind of parasites, as a positive sarcoma can be treated and cured anyone.

The best ways to help breast pest in its early stages by what is now a breast examination is accepted or use our analysis of mammography. These behaviors are used the most popular time to recognize this kind of evil. In studies that concluded found that women, their disease is detected early have a business idea in order to survive.

As we know from our doctors and advertisements, it is important that women often learn to research their own breasts. The motivation for this course is much more sensitive to changes that have occurred since the last throw. It is also important for women who have a family history of breast cancer in women emergency frequent mammograms to have control. For this task must be certain that the disease be detected at an early stage of the tumor as likely. In fact, today these forms of examination such as the heart of a breast tumor are used to recognize in women.

But many do not know how often that you perform a breast examination and mammography are available under one and see if it this type of sarcoma, or not. In general, health services believes that a woman should to your shopping basket breast self-examination we will be each month. Probably the best time to reload is when showering.

In the U.S. today, the American Cancer Society (ACS) recommends that once a woman reaches the age of 40, should a mammogram every two years and then still have. This is the first time a woman a mammogram as basic reading for all tests, the prospects will take place. However, should the American Cancer Society for women is a bad account of breast cancer in her family actually your first mammogram at the age of 35 have. They also believe that women would suffer any type of breast cancer and mammography at the age of 35.

Mammography is with the help of the Ax-ray, which then for most species of powdery mildew can be exposed at an early stage and is found in women and men.
The core of the cattle had a mammogram in a recurrent finding is that to recognize them in a position where the disease is still very low, and if I go at all beyond the investigation of the breasts with her hands felt the growth is.

The use of mammography today about 85% to 90% of all forms of evil breast are detected by this test. Given the high proportion of women now diagnosed with melanoma of the breast at an early stage, the survival chances of women is better. The declaration of women over 50 years, the number of women now ends the growth of the breast was condensed to 30%.

Although mammography can not breast pest in most women, there is a small percentage (10-15%) in the form of breast cancer can be detected by this method. However, gaining traction after a physical examination is important that all women the right way, their own breasts to get breast pest encryption scheme. It is certainly better than the woman on an examination of your breasts every month is a root, and if she thinks may be a problem with your doctor to conduct a review and then cigars, as well as his.


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