Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What are the various phases of Breast Cancer?

After the approval of breast cancer in the biopsy report, the doctors go through a comprehensive study on the extent or the stage of cancer, the most appropriate type of treatment will take care of the patient. If the cancer is localized or spread may be by the stage, the different types of detection and analysis of blood destined for other parts of the body.

The bone scan through the introduction of a small amount of radioactive material into the blood vessel that accumulates in the bone is replaced, is reached and taken confirms the extent of bone cancer.

affected breast CT images of the area by X-rays to examine whether the cancer has spread on the lungs and liver.

Lymph node biopsy involves inserting a radioactive blue dye through a needle in the vicinity of the tumor or the nipple and lymph cancer cell analysis.

Now we discuss about some different stages of breast cancer->

Stage 0 - This step may be known as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), suggesting that the abnormal cells in the direction of the breast does not have local spread or invaded other tissues. This step can not be regarded as cancer cells, but if left untreated it can develop in breast cancer.

Satage 1 includes the early stages of breast cancer when the tumor does not have greater than 2 centimeters and the cancer cells, only the affected breast tissue does not spread further.

Stage 2 -> some features of stage 2

1st The size of the tumors larger than 2 centimeters, but the cancer has touched localized lymph nodes under the arm or the cancer is.

2nd The size of the tumor is 2-5 centimeters and cancer, the lymph node under his arm.

The third stage involves three steps, such as stage IIIA, IIIB and IIIC.

has spread in stage IIIA 5centimeters tumor is the width and length of the cancer to the lymph nodes under the arm. The cancer can spread to lymph nodes or only attached to the arm and can also to the lymph nodes behind the breastbone.

In stage IIIB, the tumor of any size, which grows along the chest wall or skin of bumps and knots. The lymph nodes under the arm and the lymph nodes behind the breastbone may also be affected.

In this stage, inflammatory cancer of the breast may also occur, red and swollen.

In stage IIIC tumors are of all sizes with the cancer spread to the lymph nodes under the arm, behind the breastbone and the lymph nodes under the collarbone.

Stage IV or metastatic disorder is the change in the spread of breast cancer to other parts of the body such as liver and bone.

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