Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some foods to avoid during breast feeding

Many women find they can eat what you are breast-feeding, such as. While certain foods may change, strongly favored the taste of your milk, many babies seem to enjoy the variety of flavors of milk. Sometimes the baby can have a bad feeling in the chest after eating certain foods. If you notice this happening, simply avoid that food in particular.

Most criminals Duing breastfeeding include chocolate, spices, citrus fruits, garlic, chili, lemon, soft vegetables and fruits with laxative type effects, such as plums and cherries. You can use one or two cups of coffee per day, although too much caffeine, your baby to sleep and to get hurt himself bad. Note that caffeine is in many soft drinks, tea found, and even the type of prescription drugs as well. It is good to even have a drink, although more than one drink can increase your level of alcohol in the blood by alcohol in breast milk.

If you have more of a glass at a time plan, it is advisable to wait two hours or more per drink before you continue any breastfeeding or nursing. No need to pump and dump, if your breasts are full and it is time to feed your child. While breastfeeding, any kind of excessive alcohol consumption are avoided. Before you leave out food from your diet, you should talk to your doctor. When you avoid certain foods and a nutrient imbalance, you may need a nutritionist for advice on interactions with other foods or dietary supplements see receive.


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