Monday, May 31, 2010

What do you know about lung cancer

Cancer is a disease in which certain body cells do well event that is already fast and produce too much tissue that forms a growth. An important early scourge of deaths in men and women is perhaps lung menace. This is the primary source of disease deaths exceed breast swelling as the main source for the deaths of women. Cancers that begin in the lungs are alienated into two main types, the threat NSCLC and pulmonary deterioration deck house, depending on how the cells look under a microscope.

Smoking is known to be a threat to the base of the lung. Exposure of developing the disease increases with the number of cigarettes smoked particularly if the person starts smoking at an age somewhat. The risk of lung cancer can easily be sarcoma nature of cigarettes, if you filtered low tar and smoke, but still much better than that of a nonsmoker. The lung disease was more common in men, particularly those over 40 years that men are paid more than women smoke. Significantly, there is smoke there is a growing number of women in the lungs of pests and women. About 90% of deaths from lung cancer in women are the evil of smoking. The risk of lung disease decreases very superficial when someone stops to smoke, and are, after fifteen years, the probability of a part of developing the disease, similar to a Non smoking. Passive smoking or inhalation of cigarette smoke of others, the risk of lung and isolated lung damage, but the bet is still much, except that if you smoke manually.

Typically, the symptoms of the pneumonic plague begins only when the disease is in a later stage. Some are diagnosed early, as they examine the conditions as a result of another force to be recognized. Screening tests are with the opinion of a disease in people who have no symptoms of the disease have carried out. And lung tumor that usually extends lead over the lungs, before symptoms used to identify the train to the early spread of the growth could be many lives to stay. So far, there is the possibility of going to the consideration has been exposed to counter the threat of dying patients. It was found that the evidence could not find many lung cancers early enough to collect a person's chances for treatment. For that reason, is evidence of pulmonary sarcoma is not a trial, the usual procedure, general or even for people at risk, how to open as smokers.

The symptoms of lung disease could be permanent or changing long-standing cough cough lung infection that does not improve breathlessness increased coughing blood, sputum, a dull ache or sudden cough or a link very comfortable breathing and the beating of visual acuity and loss of tension. If you think you take these symptoms already mentioned, it is important that your state tartan of your surgeon, even if you may know one of these symptoms caused by other diseases as a disease.

The treatment of lung cancer by parasites can by surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be used together or separately, depending on what your doctor is obliged to undergo, a. In general, the design of your medical surgeon, in good shape for their overall health, form of lung cancer, you and the extension of the tumor and its location. There are differences in the behavior of different people according to their wishes. You should ask not bother your doctor, and can often have a lot of questions about the disease and its preparation by your doctor.


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