Monday, May 31, 2010

The Prevention Of Lung Cancer

Evil is a lung disease of uncontrolled cabal lump in tissues of the lungs. This growth can be performed for metastases, invasion of adjacent bandanna and infiltration outside the lungs. Lung any such person may panic, we must address in the rest of this terrible disease. I give you a show like you!
May inhibit lung plague.

Lung Cancer Prevention

The best way to prevent lung cancer to smoking scourge hinder. It can be difficult to leave, but not impossible. Millions of people have done to stop and reduce your chances of developing respiratory failure in two thirds.

Ninety percent of people who quit do so on their own found before it is delayed to. If you find it difficult to do, you can touch the smoking cessation classes or at a clinic that offers the same advantages. Select the code that makes the most sense and help for you to recruit friends and relatives to make things easier.

Under high percentage of beta-carotene may also endanger the bottom of the lung destruction in smokers. Carotenoid compounds in certain cultures, such as peaches, mango, melon, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and vegetables found fertile. Supplement of beta-carotene should be avoided. An analysis of a Finnish group has shown that 18 per cent growth in the lungs of the Arts for smokers who were difficult to win Pest supplements beta-carotene. In addition, the National Cancer Institute researchers and opinion on things congested a vitamin-and beta-carotene after smokers who add to the charm of the 28 percent of lung blight than those who have shown a placebo.

Smoking reduces the risk of lung cancer and blight someone, but the gene that causes booty takes time to disappear - and half of all diagnosed cases of lung cancer in smokers increased.

A cancerous tumor in the lung is regularly resection. Sometimes it is necessary to remove an entire lung. Because lung cancer are usually not detected until later, they are good, remove an operation is not alone in the situation, and radiation and chemotherapy can be used in combination with or instead of surgery, said the drafting of the Consumer Family Health Guide & amp; Medical Guide.

As the substance does not harm good cells, the researchers say that the agent can exercise a high probability for the prevention and treatment of ulcers of the lungs. Deguelin certainly say it is final and appears with a particular focus on the molecular broker with lung cancer associated work.

give up smoking

The number of these devices is a scourge of the lung snuff. Studies show that smokers who quit can not do it quite substantially worsened his chances of lung growth.

Add plenty of fruits and vegetables such as blueberries and beans to your diet. These foods are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, whose cell renewal and protect against DNA damage. Doctors consider fruit and vegetables to your diet can prevent lung cancer.


Recent studies on the relationship between diet and the scourge of the lung have shown mixed results. Experience shows that eating a diet can in severe nutrients as phytoestrogen's contribute to lung pest test in a number of charges phytoestrogen's found whole grains, legumes such as chickpeas, vegetables and soy. Other studies show that, the intake of dietary supplements of vitamins and beta-carotene even be dangerous, and the expansion of the likelihood of lung disease in people who continue to smoke.


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