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The basic treatment of symptoms and diet for prostate cancer

If you are prostate cancer, do not worry, or if you are on the health of a loved one to this article you can find help. Prostate cancer is usually slow-growing cancer, go on for years, until it can be fatal. The prostate is a small structure the size of a walnut, which is part of human reproduction, but is wrapped around the urethra, the tube that transports urine from the body cause - because there may be various problems tract.

As with other cancers, prostate cancer is the cause is unknown, seems to be more common in African-American men and men with a family history of the disease. In Portland, Oregon, three years study at the Oregon Health & Sciences University, leaders hope to do a training program for men diagnosed with prostate cancer who use drugs to achieve testosterone levels. Many men, especially in later life, the decision to watch and wait with their doctors just did.

If you are one or more symptoms of prostate cancer, you should see a qualified doctor as soon as possible. Most of the symptoms of prostate cancer, although associated with prostate cancer are more associated with noncancerous conditions. Other symptoms can not be mentioned.

Blood in urine or semen and frequent pain or stiffness in the lower back, hips or thighs may be symptoms of cancer. There is to examine some of the symptoms. Because the symptoms of prostate cancer and other disorders or diseases of the people for whom they are similar to symptoms should undergo a thorough work in order to determine the underlying cause of the symptoms.

A prostate biopsy usually confirms the diagnosis. CT can be done to determine if the cancer metastasized (spread). If a rectal examination is often conducted study revealed an enlarged prostate with a hard surface, irregular.

A series of tests can be done to confirm a diagnosis of prostate cancer. A urinalysis may indicate if the blood in the urine, that may or not be related. A PSA test with a high level can also be a benign enlargement of the prostate.

Some drugs with numerous side effects are called to treat advanced prostate cancer, blocking the production of testosterone chemical castration has the same result as surgical removal of testicles. Since prostate tumors require testosterone to grow, so will the level of testosterone used to prevent the growth and spread of cancer. The surgery, called radical prostatectomy, removes the entire prostate and surrounding tissue.

Prostate cancer spread, has (metastases) may reduce testosterone levels with conventional drugs, surgery to be treated to remove the testes, chemotherapy or nothing at all. Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy have significant side effects, they were fully aware before you proceed. Who should face operation aware of the benefits, risks and scope of the procedure.

In the early stages of an operation and radiation can be used to remove, or attempt to kill cancer cells or shrink the tumor. What can you do now begin to understand exactly what your treatment options and where you start. Side effects of chemotherapy depends on you and take, how often and how long it lasts.

Surgery is generally recommended only after a thorough evaluation and discussion of all available treatment options. Besides hormonal drugs hormone manipulation may also be surgically removing the testicles. Treatment approaches include: ever watchful waiting out if the cancer develops slowly and cause no symptoms.

Drink fresh carrot juice every day that you are in a blender or juicer. Add a small handful of kale or spinach to your fruit smoothie and mix - it will ever know. Make applesauce with a RAW processor very nutritious food, and put in 3-4 apples, pesticides, skin, and mix for one minute, all the better for you than the highly processed applesauce shelf life and add 1.4 v. Tea. Cinnamon and two tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseed for another boost.

Make fruit smoothies with a base of two bananas, one cup frozen blueberries or fresh mango and pieces, or substitute any other fruit and put an increase of two tablespoons of coconut oil, one or two leaves kale for another very close to my nutritious boost. If you are not a serious attempt to control their diet carefully. Eat food containing essential fatty acids.

Consider cod liver oil and fish oil supplements daily. Studies on antioxidant vitamins question their value if they are not used in food, clearly preferable to consume these antioxidants in foods live because they have with other nutrients in the power of labor to work properly.
Additions include the help of illness or infirmity Vitamin B12 - methylcobalamin type not cyanocobalamin, and sub-lingual - dissolves slowly under the tongue, and vitamin D3 - especially if you can not get a daily dose of 15-20 minutes of Sun on the arms and legs so you can make your own vitamin D3.

In the end, but with help from doctors, knowing your individual situation, the best treatment plan for you to be determined. With the advent of PSA testing, most prostatic carcinomas are now found before they cause symptoms. Although the number of men with prostate cancer remains high, survival rates have improved considerably, perhaps because of better nutrition.


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