Friday, May 21, 2010

Different reasons and Risk Factors for breast cancer

The exact cause of breast cancer is still unknown. However, many scientists believe there are many factors that are responsible for the growth and development of cancer. Some factors are age, which are beyond our control and be able to change consumer habits. Some of the leading causes of cancer are explained in four rows.

1st The risk of breast cancer increases with age. It is said that women aged 50 years at risk eight top-level folder that women from 30.
Typically, 80% problems of development of cancer in women 50 years. Today, the maximum number of deaths in women is to examine the cause of this cancer in the age group 40-45 years. Among young women under 35 years the problem of this disease is rare except among women with a family history of the disease.

2nd If a woman suffers from this problem, then the probability increases for breast cancer in the other breast. Breast cancer incidence is not quite occurred at a different location or the spread of the above. But the possibilities of developing a new breast cancer, but increased by 0.5% -0.7% each year after the initial diagnosis.

3rd This case of breast cancer is not common. Only 15% of the total cases of breast cancer seems to have a hereditary form of development. Over 85% of cases of breast cancer appears to be due to different factors. Women whose first degree, a sister, mother and daughter are affected by this disease, then the possibility of breast cancer among women increased twice. The risk of this disease is also increased by 4-5 times in the diseased compared to a woman with breast cancer before menopause and in both breasts. If breast cancer has touched several generations, the chances of breast cancer also increases in the current generation.

4th Hormones are also an important cause. You can know the result of long exposure, his best known female sex hormone estrogen.
For this reason, the chances of breast cancer increased in women with a history of early menopause late, no pregnancy, pregnancy, puberty, with the pill.

There are many other causes of cancer, such as alcohol, fat, radiation, environmental toxins, smoking, abortion, etc.


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