Monday, May 31, 2010

Main Problems of Prostate Cancer What You want to Know

What is known is that men tend to be, how they grow and is often the cause of death. What is more disturbing to fight the fact that there are more and more young men is now.

What are symptoms of prostate cancer? First, not much. Not only perhaps a little discomfort and the urge to urinate at night. It can cause pain, too. Some other characters include: burning or pain during urination, interrupted urine flow, inability to urinate, even if the desire exists, pain during sexual intercourse, blood in urine or stiffness in the back and thighs. No, none of these symptoms does not mean that you cancer of the prostate.

This simply means that because you symptoms are bound to get that, it would be prudent to allow examination by a doctor. The problem is that prostate cancer risk of contagion to other parts of the body is. Cancer cells have spread like this by a process called metastasis to other parts of the body, especially bones. Most men are ashamed to speak and try not to take, it is unbearable.

However, when the prostate is affected, the sooner you get wrong, when treatment is better. I really never too early, when it up to that state, where the risks are also coming. Why early detection can only mean a complete cure.

What are the treatments for prostate cancer? The simplest and most reasonable costs actually orchiectomy is the surgical castration.
The effect is more psychological than physical loss. It is treated with female hormones in an expensive treatment. It is given orally, but can have side effects such as thrombosis. What exactly is a kind of castration of a different kind at the pump man with female hormones.

What is tested is also a natural remedy for prostate cancer, capsaicin, the ingredient in peppers, it was observed that, in cancer cells to commit suicide. This is the ingredient that can burn your mouth and makes you mourn the water. Studies are underway in this area.

Another treatment is radiation therapy, the radiation used to kill cancer cells. This is not painful, but the side effects are a concern and could lead to outbreaks of diarrhea and impotence. Another method of treatment is brachytherapy as this is where radioactive elements are in place to prevent cancer cells.

However, it is a condition where is the speed of the essence. Get checked whether the man is 50 years. Even if you do not, go to your doctor if you are a male and if you have symptoms of prostate cancer.


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