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Coping after the restoration of the Breast Cancer

Looking of yourself afterward breast cancer>

It is important to take care of his body after a breast cancer. You are likely to be back all the treatments, but there's some things you do to ensure that you can recover fully. You can feel like you have a second chance at life after surviving breast cancer, why not consider a new healthy lifestyle?

Pay attention to your long-term health and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle should be a priority for the moment. Once you feel that there simple things you can do to improve your health. If you smoke - stop! If you drink, it would be appropriate to limit their consumption. Always have a balanced diet and exercise, if possible.

Physical exercise afterward coming through breast cancer>

The year after surviving breast cancer you can help on your way to recovery, but you should check with your doctor about what types of exercises you can do before you start to talk. It depends on your fitness level, age and treatment, recovering. It should be GP able to advise on the type of exercise you can arbitrarily often do what they do and how long should you spend on each type of exercise.
Exercise is a great way to help you happier and move with life? When you exercise, your body is endorphins. Endorphins are natural painkillers in her body and once you get into the blood starts to feel more satisfied and positive about life in general.

Make sure you begin to ready the exercise, I do not push too hard on you. If you have decided to start training you should start with a little gentle walking or biking, there is no need for expensive gym membership. Small changes in lifestyle to walk to the store instead of driving or under the stairs instead of elevators.

As soon as you start an exercise regimen should start, you feel alive and strong. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress, improves circulation and can even contribute to depression. Of course there are other great benefits, you can start losing weight and improving muscle tone, the skin should look healthy and should have some confidence back to win after your illness. You can even find that you sleep better and feel less tired.

There are a few simple rules to follow to start and maintain a healthy and balanced diet can.
Stay away from prepared foods, which is often higher in saturated fat, sugar and salt.

Return to cooking>

Eat healthy fats - it is crucial that we have good fats in our diet, these can in fish like salmon and mackerel, vegetable oil, olive oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil seeds, are found flaxoil, lawyers, and nuts.
Five servings a day! 5-1 days is a combination of fruit and vegetables. Try every day, you find they are filled with natural vitamins and minerals.
Remember to include protein in your diet, but make sure that they are low in saturated fatty acids. The best protein sources are fish, lean meat, eggs, nuts and seeds.
to eat carbohydrates - choose there are many diets to zero, but it is important to have, especially when he gets up, but be sure, healthier options such as grain products.

Reduce consumption of sugary foods like sweets, chocolate, cookies, pies, cakes and desserts. Only they have, as a gift from time to time.
Reduce the consumption of alcohol - the recommended limits for women are not more than 14 units per week and with no more than three units in one day.
There are 1 units in a small glass of wine, a unit of measurement in a pub kind of spirits and a unit in a pint of beer, beer or cider.

Maintaining a healthy weight>

It is important that you keep a healthy weight after suffering from breast cancer. Some people automatically think of losing weight, but most doctors often recommend to their patients, need to refuel on the increase in weight for strength. This does not apply to everyone, so you need to ask your doctor. They should have information after the treatments and operations on the same subject.
If you gain weight, talk to your doctor about eating the types of food need, you may need extra protein to help to build its strength.
If you lose weight, they need slow and try not more than 2 pounds per week weight loss, follow the tips above or talk with your doctor.

Smoking and the consequences for breast cancer>

Everyone knows that the risk of smoking, although smoking after suffering from breast cancer only to the already long list of risks to add. If you decide to quit after his illness, you can reduce your risk of breast cancer recurrence and the risk of developing secondary cancers is lower. Of course, quitting is easier to say than do when you stop having trouble to your doctor to ask for more help.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you should start to feel healthier and livelier. You should try to incorporate these tips in your daily life for a healthy and balanced life.


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