Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Get an early detection of breast cancer

the bad breast is the most important pest known women in the United Kingdom today. It kills 12,300 women each year 1300 alone, these bags are in women younger than fifty years, with 44,000 women are diagnosed each year in this country. It is more than a hundred women a day that will meet the dreaded diagnosis. Many of them have is the life and able to collect damages to cover your medical condition, but this will be zero with the difficulties of life from what is to come.

The incidence of breast cancer has increased dramatically over the last twenty Pest life - up to fifty percent. But the survival tolls are also better in this respect, and of course, the program shows the NHS had a lot to do with it. Eight out of ten cancers diagnosed through the program in women over fifty years, why vision for older women that age agreed.

Early diagnosis is crucial to the process of the disease, and we are now in the gallery, where eight out of ten patients with breast cancer fight, survive more than five years. The NHS program, which contains 14 000 teams per year, 1,400 lives during that time was suspended. For those diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer, nine out of ten of these survive for five years, while if the diagnosis is made not by the melanoma has reached stage 4, survival in a drop of ten. As you can see, early diagnosis is very important.

The visualization programs are currently limited to the more than fifty years, but officials are looking for well-being in the behavior of downloaded it. The diseases can be detected and successfully treated at an early stage, more people will enjoy a long, healthy life and less hard, bonus compensation will be for us.

It is hoped that the vision for sarcoma of the breast is now presented for all women over thirty years. This will seek in terms of genetic, influence the threat of disease. The emission of open society, more of these women will be scanned and have not start at the first sign of chest x and pests to toll increases survival issues at any time.

The information was free, that the technology markets, to say now to the front, but once open the possibility that if the investment is reduced, leading to the force now weigh so comfortable. It seems, for the benefit of the citizens of the message that may not get in a position this economy in the early diagnosis of life hard for the money.

But that money was from the women so hard genetically more than fifty years, and if the risk is low will be saved, there was nothing in the analysis every three years, which cut the richness in this department. Current tests are only for women whose families have a high incidence of breast cancer and melanomas.

If the veto proposed progress, say women who happened to be a greater risk, annually presented by forty. While this is a good thing and not feel like waiting for the inevitable! Some women and doctors on both sides of the fence are all early for a diagnosis and I'm pretty much in the life insurance companies are all to be for them. Dream of the ability of our residents is to reward front channels.


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