Thursday, November 26, 2009

4 The most important organs can damage that diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that develops when the body can not produce enough insulin to moderate blood sugar levels in the blood. As a result, diabetics suffer from extremely high levels of blood sugar. To influence the passage of time, this high concentration of blood sugar to enter the blood vessels and other body areas. This article will discuss four major organs may be affected by diabetes damage.

1) The heart: - As mentioned, high levels of blood sugar can damage blood vessels. When vessels are damaged, limiting the blood supply to the heart. Your heart needs a good supply of blood to function properly and this does not significantly increase the risk of heart attack and other heart diseases. There are a number of symptoms could be heart disease, among other things, display, difficulty breathing, chest pain and irregular heartbeats.
2) The eyes: - If the blood vessels and damaged tissues of the eye can lead to a situation that diabetic retinopathy. The stakeholders of diabetic retinopathy are likely to experience blurred vision and temporary blindness at worst. Diabetes also increases the risk of cataracts (a clouding of the lens) and glaucoma (optic nerve damage).
3) on foot: - Diabetes can cause nerve damage. When the nerves in the legs after some damage is often lost its importance, the cuts and wounds remain easily unnoticed. This means you do not realize that, which brings additional difficulties to be contaminated. Therefore, the risk must be reduced, it is very important to wash your feet daily and check regularly if you are diabetic.

4) kidneys: - If the blood vessels of kidney failure can not remove waste from the blood effectively. In the worst cases can lead to kidney failure, which means that requires dialysis or kidney transplantation.

As you can see, diabetes is a condition that lightly. This article has discussed only some of the damage that can cause diabetes. However, it may also weaken many other organs. Fortunately, many of these losses can be avoided by following a real plan of diabetes, healthy eating and regular exercise. Many people do not realize the seriousness of contracting diabetes. I hope this article has shown you the importance of proper treatment can.

The intention has been made on this article accurate and informative, but is intended to provide general information. Diabetes is a disease and this article is not intended to substitute for advice from your doctor or specialist. If you have any concerns regarding any form of diabetes should consult your own doctor immediately.


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