Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hoping Medical Devices: Diabetes

Finally, injections, is what most people with insulin-dependent diabetes, as defined by your doctor. This means that the only option for those with insulin dependent diabetes, huh? Not necessarily. Because these treatment options is a guide, right? Not only the knowledge of other devices used for treatment with insulin. Many doctors and people with diabetes don; T is the time to investigate all options. Even if you take the time to know the information they find online is reliable and credible. One way to decipher if a source is reliable from reading the various reports received on the alternative. Allows a neutral outside opinion expressed is of crucial importance not only an open and trustworthy source. Patton Medical Devices recently introduced the I-dock as an alternative for people with diabetes and help with daily injections. It provides an easy way to administer insulin injections. Not only are they able to pierce the skin when the device in his body, and after that a person can not pierce the skin up to 75 shots over the next three days. The following stories are real people, I decided to write the traditional administration of insulin injections.

- Richard, S Story, when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I tried to diet, exercise and oral medications for management. Insulin I started about 10 years. I? M is not afraid of needles or injections, but I? And farmers? M on the risk of contamination of the needle several sticks concern every day stay. I was so relieved when I learned of the i-port?. On an average day, 12 shots, I think I have the diabetes under control.
From I-port? They can be used for 72 hours and reduces the number of holes in the skin once every three days, can now focus on welfare who do not have to worry about taking photographs. I really want to spread the word and help others with diabetes, insulin injections before falling, you could do right. We encourage people, new things, like the i-port? Try it, especially if it means better health and quality of life.?

- Debra, S Story: My journey began with the oral diabetes medications in 2003 are being implemented insulin injections? .. The 7 daily injections. When my diabetes educator told me about the i-dock, I was excited to try. At that time I had begun to consider using an insulin pump. But I was waiting for the insulin pump therapy. After an i-dock is an excellent alternative that allows me to eliminate the need for my skin with each dose of insulin to the puncture. Now my skin has been reduced from 21 holes in three days only. And that brings me feel a lot better treatment with insulin, if I want to do. The i-port? Help to live my life instead of dealing with the resentment and sense will focus on many shots.?


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