Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Exercises is very useful for control of Diabetes

Exercise is an important treatment to normalize blood sugar in diabetes type 2 and type 1 diabetes. It is also important to know the type of exercise for diabetics undertake to include the minimization of risks for normalization while the maximum benefit to the level of blood type and health. There are basically three types of exercise - aerobic, anaerobic and stretching.

The resistance group 45-minute workout with weights three times a week. The third group had 45 minutes of aerobics and 45 minutes of weight training three times a week. The control group had no traffic. This is the foundation was created to find the relationship between exercise and diabetes.

Normal levels of blood sugar in a normal person before the food intake of 60 to 100 mg / dl. After a measured blood sugar levels in the blood meal, when the value of point 90, 140mg/dl in all normal subjects according to age and activity level. Diabetes and exercise must be careful ritual of navigation to get diabetes natural cure. Exercise is very important and should be the goal of weight loss. Less weight will be less need for insulin and better conversion of glucose into energy. The use of drugs or blood sugar insulin levels can be reduced by exercise.

A proper exercise program can also take a balanced diet, literally decide the dispute between the management of their diabetes medications and information management through choices healthy lifestyle. The different types of exercises can charge effects on the body. For example, AIDS increases aerobic sensitivity to insulin and helps to restore normal glucose metabolism, body fat reduction, training, force or weight, while helping to reduce body fat, increase metabolism and increases glucose uptake by muscle, thereby reducing glucose levels in the blood.

Flexibility exercises like stretching, helps joints flexible and reduces the likelihood of injuries in other activities. Gentle stretching for 5 to 10 minutes helps to warm the body, and get ready for aerobic activities.

The blood glucose level before and after exercise is a good idea. When blood sugar is too low or too high, then you should wait until the exercise. If not the end of exercise and hypoglycemia (blood sugar) should be sure to eat a snack or take a tablet, glucose and are again seeking. Hypoglycemia can cause a change, you feel in your heart you feel weak and shaky, sweating more than normal to have headaches, or even loss of consciousness.


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