Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Living with diabetes limit

You can send a chill down the spine of those who have been told by your doctor that you have borderline diabetes. This is a disease that can literally change your life.
But each year, said hundreds of thousands of Americans, only the number of cases of diabetes is steadily increasing. Today there are more than 18 million known cases of diabetes in the U.S. with diabetes. It is estimated that about 6 million people, diabetes and do not know. And it remains a serious health problem, patients will cost billions of dollars on health each year.

What is the limit of diabetes is sometimes referred to as pre-diabetes is a condition in which a person with levels of blood sugar between the normal and recognized as such as diabetes. The reason why many people do not know, is a condition that is relatively free of symptoms. In a person without diabetes, the body produces insulin in the intestinal cells of energy. For diabetics and pre-diabetic, but if the body is incapable of producing insulin or can not use insulin. That is one reason why people with diabetes a little more tired, more often. Restaurants, but his body is unable to cut food into usable energy.

Many physicians described the terminology interrupted borderline diabetes, this condition. In my view, a person shows symptoms of pre-diabetes is a diabetic reality. and see no real medical reason to confuse the situation. Many also believe that someone said to inhibit the border person with diabetes to be serious diagnosis - Why is the sound borderline , as if you're not really a disease. Others believe that the patient is more expensive than insulin resistance or glucose intolerance described. To prevent other doctors, but again the idea and find it useful to distinguish between pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Care physicians, who continue to use the term marginal diabetes is diagnosed when the glucose level in singles, as provided glucose testing ranging from 100 to 125 milligrams per deciliter.

Unfortunately, in most cases, a person who is marginal diabetes, diabetes, the disease is visible progress. In some cases, however, change with a change in eating habits and healthy lifestyle, the disease must be reversed.

Many health experts believe that pre-diabetes is a disease. The studios have a clear correlation between the increase in the amount of fast food we eat and the new cases of type II diabetes showed. Similarly, there is a connection between an increasingly sedentary way of life by increasing the number of people diagnosed with diabetes. Making the defeat of diabetes is even more imperative that a person with pre-diabetes or diabetes are at increased risk for other diseases such as heart disease, stroke, liver disease, and more.

Fortunately, researchers have begun to identify and catalog the many risk factors that may promote the development of diabetes. I hope that in the near future, diabetes will be considered as time in the past neglected diseases.


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