Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Natural treatment of lower blood pressure

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is one of the most common health problems and dangerous people face today. In the United States, which now affects one in four adults spread.

To learn natural methods you can use to lower blood pressure, you can even add years to your life. Taking prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as living with the disease! When you are ready to improve the total cost to your health and to treat the cause of your problem, you know how your blood pressure naturally with the lowest!

Garlic long recommended as a leading factory in the natural treatment of many health conditions. Studies have shown that garlic aids first overall cardiovascular health, including low blood pressure, no side effects. Five to 10 cloves garlic, minced first day or 300 mg dried garlic three times a day lowers cholesterol, prevents blood clots and destroy plaques in the arteries.

Hawthorne Berry: Here's a plant that removes plaque from artery walls. A recent large study, 1,000 patients with a weak heart. After two years, taking berries Hawthorne, almost all reported fewer symptoms. Many were able to obtain prescription drugs at all.

Herbs. There are natural supplements derived from plants to reduce the maintenance of normal blood pressure when you have your number. These supplements work, and prescription drugs, and are currently involved in undesirable side effects and potentially dangerous.

Another important way to help reduce your blood pressure is to start training. Today, people have a more sedentary lifestyle than they were 20 years ago. It really shows the size of our and our health. Exit and start exercising. Morning walk in a gym to lose, and overweight. The exercise will help to slow weight loss and keep your heart healthy.

Licorice may impede the prevention of increased blood pressure in the patient's body for long periods of ingestion. Acid Liquorice contains about glycrrhetinic apparent mineralocorticoid syndrome can develop in the patient, causing blood pressure.

Another way to lower blood pressure should be released, however, little sodium. This is not always easy, though. For us this is normal for salt, if you want a good season, juicy steak or a salad. But, unfortunately, is the amount of excess sodium is not the best for your print. Try to decrease up to 1500 mg per day. This is a small amount, but enough to make you happy and reduce printing time. Remember that most processed foods cause high sodium content.

People consume about two teaspoons of salt per day, that is for people with high blood pressure should be reduced. Since much sodium you are taking are processed foods, pay attention to them. Also, try using spices, lemon juice and salt free seasoning blends for seasoning, cook for you.


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