Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Exercise is best way to control blood sugar

If someone with level 2 diabetes is diagnosed, fitness and exercise studies should support the resistance to insulin. If this is not to control blood sugar, and prescription drugs. Risk factors for category-II diabetes: inactivity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and completeness.
The inertia of yours is a very bad habit that has been shown to lead to type 2 diabetes.

Exercise lowers blood glucose levels in early rate.It is imperative for the differences in association with the type I and II for the understanding of diabetes. It belongs to a person to control your diabetes with a doctor to take medical treatment is necessary. If you need assistance in a diabetic patient, it is imperative to understand the dangers of injecting insulin once again, to keep fit. A single injection with diabetes than their regular insulin may represent the entire risk of hypoglycemia or insulin shock during exercise.

This is an important guideline is to follow a diabetic has, if the year - more than carbohydrates nearby. If the levels of blood sugar is too low, the diabetic patient may feel, disoriented, hungry, anxious, turn left into the logic or experience trembling. Eat a snack or a carbohydrate is the blood sugar level low.

Before starting the exercise should be tested for levels of blood sugar significantly, to ensure that it is in low range and not very high either.
Blood glucose should also be paid by the hour, during, and after three to five hours after exercise. Even after the exercise, a sugar levels of diabetes may be susceptible to falling to a low level.

Exercise is particularly compatible with the benefit of a person with any type of diabetes because of the significant effects on insulin sensitivity. A plan for fitness and good nutrition is the best form of deterrence in cases of diabetic complications. It is repeated for the preparation of protocols considerable support almost every day to maintain insulin sensitivity.

Remember to have fun and exercise and feel good. You want your practice is something you want to return.


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