Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Planning for control Diabetes

During the holidays a time of rest and relaxation should be a time away from everyday life, a time to enjoy new things. As anyone with diabetes should avoid the time, if scheduled in advance. Typically, this design is a mixture of common sense and experience. For example, a diabetic who spend 50 weeks of the year, sitting behind a desk to control a computer and answering the phone was 2 weeks hiking in the Himalayas a little different, and therefore needs to change its control can be found!

Share vacation in 3 sections, namely travel, holiday itself, and return a few days after returning home.
For each item, think about what foods are available and when? The food is different, what you're used to? It is easy to get while you are away? How do you assess the carbohydrate content of the new food?
What are the activities involved in 3 parts? Want to know more or less active than usual?
The so all your documents so far and will remain valid while you are away. For example: If you plan to drive vacation is your assurance that you go abroad? Does diabetes affect you if you have a car or not, whether it was part of a holiday package that you can buy? Is your holiday insurance will provide the right amount of coverage - sure have revealed the extent of health insurance for you and you meet the right of?
He wants to be questions about your medications? Not all types of insulin are available worldwide, including those that are common in most countries are not always the same assets and therefore requires syringes. Insulin is sensitive to temperature variation and, as you try to think too hot or too cold? Not heat all parts of the aircraft and luggage, it is important that when traveling by air need insulin to in-cabin baggage on flights will be.
Your immunizations up to date? Some vaccinations, some mild side effects, one might think a little color and would be better, will occur sooner rather than later!
The most obvious place to seek advice and guidance to guide the GP (diabetes, diabetic clinic, or one who provides diabetes usually) be able to help them discover how drugs and / or food should be adjusted have all sorts of changes caused by the holidays. He or she will also tell you able to give something if errors holidays, such as diarrhea and / or illness.

Take at least twice as drugs, syringes, pens, pins, etc. as you normally would - just in case!
If you travel with a companion to share your medications between the 2 of you - just in case. Make sure your medications in hand luggage, but check with the airline on the rules for syringes, etc., because most of them are probably going in the dock.
If traveling abroad, make sure that the your normal holiday cards you received a letter from your doctor or a teacher confirmation of your disease and you carry syringes, etc.
A first aid kit.
Blood, surveillance equipment, including a battery backup - just in case!
A cool bag to store your insulin.
Pass your diabetes or jewelry.
Many glucose, or that candy, etc. Contribute - just in case!
The supply of carbohydrates in your hand luggage in case of a holdup, delay, etc. and you will not find anywhere to get a meal at the right time.
The list of drugs and appropriate dosage - only if you are able, even with someone about what you take and when to declare.

Insulin is absorbed faster in warmer climates that may affect the balance of blood sugar. Therefore, regular monitoring of blood glucose at the start of the trip is recommended to ensure that you can adjust your dose. Remember to review the situation when you get home.
A change in the level go up and down mountains, can cause air bubbles in the cartridge to be used insulin pen, and should be taken not to let the air bubbles formed adversely affect an injection.
The altitude, heat and humidity can affect the device for monitoring blood sugar, so you have the possibility of a false reading to know!
In colder climates, you can also more rainfall than usual - shivering consumes energy and thus can decrease your blood sugar!


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