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The earlier Signals mansions of Diabetes

In the U.S. alone, there are about 17 million people with diabetes. Of the 17 million people suffer from this disease, about 5.9 million are medically diagnosed. The reason could be that many of the early signs of diabetes are shrugged except those who suffer, because the symptoms do not appear serious.

Even if they felt the first symptoms of diabetes do not go to the doctor, who often express disbelief that he was diagnosed with diabetes. In the early stages of diabetes, symptoms may be more a small annoyance, is that those who have been diagnosed by saying things like I feel sick. In fact, many people diagnosed with diabetes when they go to the doctor because they think they have something wrong with them. Many of the early signs of diabetes are often caused by another disease or condition.

The first symptoms of diabetes are diagnosed and identified, can provide the better the chance for disease management and prevention of life of many serious and sometimes life-threatening complications of this disease. Diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death by disease in the United States today.

1. Frequent urination? This is achieved with high levels of glucose the increase means that the flow of blood to the kidneys.

2. Excessive thirst; Increased production of urine may cause dehydration.

3. Extreme hunger; Since diabetes is characterized by a lack of insulin and glucose-insulin resistance, is able to move from the bloodstream into cells where it is necessary for energy production. The agency believes it is because of hunger kicking in energy deficit and hunger.

4. Unexplained weight loss? The body begins to break into their own protein (muscle) and fat in the absence of cellular energy. This is despite the fact that the person who ends up eating more.

5. Fatigue? Because regeneration visitors.

6. The irritability and depression.

7. Vision problems; The increase in blood volume caused by high blood sugar levels can lead to swelling of the lens.

Taken by itself or as a group, it is easy to see why these symptoms of diabetes could be considered as part of a series of other conditions can cause. The stress of everyday life can cause fatigue, irritability and depression. Depression is known to cause weight loss. Many of these signs and symptoms start small, almost imperceptible, and the flow of time, many people do not really change because of the slowness with which they occur.

These symptoms worsen with the impact of diabetes leads to many complications that affect many body systems. It is important to note that these symptoms can be resolved.

The sooner one of the first signs of diabetes, the sooner they can seek medical help see too. Early diagnosis of diabetes is the key to effective management of long-term effects. There is no known cure for diabetes, but with changes in lifestyle and appropriate medical care can be controlled to minimize their impact.


health February 4, 2010 at 8:24 AM  

good informative knowledge of diabetes.

Pooja April 9, 2010 at 4:18 AM  

Diabetes is a very common disease. It occurs in any individuals irrespective of age. There are many signs and symptoms of diabetes. A general blood glucose test is carried out for detecting diabetes. Frequent urination is the primary symptom. Weight loss, fatigue, exhaustion, sores, skin infection, blurred vision etc. For more details refer signs and symptoms of diabetes

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