Monday, November 30, 2009

How to quit smoking to improve health?

Numerous studies have evaluated the adverse effects of smoking on health is about the body and the economy. The most serious incidents related to health of smoking and economic risks are listed below.

The snuff is the only product that when used as provided in the body and cause damage to many life threatening health problems.
Snuff related diseases such as chronic lung disease and coronary heart disease has resulted in the deaths of more than 400,000 Americans each year. The snuff contains around 5,000 different chemicals, of which 69 chemicals known to cause cancer.

How to quit smoking?

1. Deep breathing technique perhaps the most powerful and important: Every time a cigarette, do the following. Do it three times.

Breathe deep lung full of air you can and then exhale slowly. The lips of her bag, so it should air later. When you exhale, close your eyes and let your chin gradually sink over his chest. Watch all the tension leaving your body, slowly draining the fingers and toes, then exits.

Please do your best to stay away from alcohol, sugar and coffee during the first week or more, and tend to promote the desire for a cigarette. Avoid fatty foods, as their metabolism slows down not only nicotine, and you can gain weight even if you eat the same amount as before the abandonment. So the discipline of diet is especially important now. Nobody said acquiring new habits would be easy!

3. Develop strong personal reasons, even outside of your health and obligations to third parties. For example, I think all the time you waste on cigarettes rose pausing to buy a pack, looking for a light, etc.

4. Start with the physical situation: Start a small exercise program, plenty of drink, rest and avoid fatigue.

5. Set a date for quitting - perhaps a special day as your birthday, your birthday or the Great American Smoke out. If you smoke heavily at work, quit during your vacation, allowing you to book if it has done it again. Make a date sacred, and can not be changed. This makes it easy for you to keep track of the day, was a smoker and to celebrate this date each year to maintain.

Smoke Try to distract yourself from urges. You can talk a walk with someone, or doing a project.

If you try to close for the first time, change your routine. Use a different route to work. Drink tea instead of coffee. Breakfast in a different location.
Do something to reduce stress. Take a hot bath may bring, or read a book.
Plan something enjoyable to do every day.

Drink plenty of water and other liquids.

Surgical Approach Surgery effective is also a primer for the exit, to show other studies. In fact, surgery is usually one of the best opportunities to quit too good.

Doctors have long known that smokers and recent quitters recover better from surgery than smokers.


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