Thursday, November 26, 2009

Diabetes is a family disease? Diabetes affects families and the patient

Diabetes is often described as a family, because if the disease affects more than patients with diabetes. If the consequences for members of immediate family and relations of close friends.

It is a difficult task for anyone diagnosed with diabetes. In an instant, the rest of your life certainly changed. You can not eat regular food every day, do not worry about the consequences, always ensure that blood glucose control, you may need to take medicine, and at worst, may lose an edge or do significant damage to organs .

Yes, diabetes is a unique event for everyone. The patient, family, friends and other relatives too.

One of the oldest and most important changes are necessary, a change in diet of the patient. Suddenly, teams, are all foods that are off the table. The patient must learn a lot and become acquainted with the procedures for planning healthy meals. We must learn quickly or restaurant menu and decide which foods to their find. And the family home if it is to not cook to be responsible to bake two kinds of meals to suit all levels of menus to force change - the nutritional needs of the families of diabetics.

Another possible change is that the potential impact on the entire family is to continue medical care needed by patients with diabetes.
Depending on the severity of the disease, the income of the family to be affected significantly. The family must then budget-related changes such as buying cheaper food, clothes and other items. And if a child with diabetes, you'll probably more attention than other children might be jealous of other children, because they are now less attention.

Living with diabetes is particularly difficult to handle for young people. Adolescence is difficult enough. And what the teenagers, however, as different from others? Want with their friends, eat, drink, eat what their friends, drinking friends, and so on. And now they find that they can do damage to their bodies and their health, if they try to emulate her friend eating habits. For a teenager, this can easily lead to feelings of isolation and different. And young people are not distinguished from each other.

But it should be. Patients will continue in May with a positive attitude about diabetes is the delayed development of their relations.
This is an opportunity to develop the disease as a learning experience for the family to help the family to be treated better eating habits and exercise. The family begins to eat healthy meals, not only can reduce the other members of the diabetes, general health is more than good.

This can also be seen as an opportunity to strengthen friendships and discover who use their real friends. Diabetes is nothing to be ashamed and adolescents should not hide from his friends for him. If a friend is ready to drink because they fear or eat things that happen in the crowd, then it is not really your friend. Good friends are worth their weight in gold, and a good friend will understand and overcome your illness.

Family support is to treat all people with diabetes is crucial. Children and adolescents are more likely to be much more successful in maintaining a healthy diet and exercise, when the whole family and support group of friends helps.

It is important to recognize is that when diabetes is diagnosed, everyone has time to adapt to new circumstances. And be aware that there is help when you need it.


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