Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Diabetes and hypertension - duel consequence of insulin resistance?

The truth is that diabetes and high blood pressure is a product of poor eating habits sounded good. But you need? Could you against these serious health problems and what is your diet?

Of all people with diabetes, 75% are type 2, then 50% of people with hypertension are more far-reaching effects.

The weight gain, elevated triglycerides, reduced HDL cholesterol, insulin resistance, usually before diabetes and hypertension are diagnosed. This group of symptoms known as metabolic syndrome X. The cell bodies in this group of conditions involved, affected by a metabolic product processing that goes wrong with the normal consumption of foods high glycemic.

Glycemic foods make glucose. Those who are high level of white bread and biscuits, sugar, chips, potatoes, rice, beans, cereals and breakfast. These are just a selection, but food is often consumed by people around the world regularly.

Why Insulin Resistance Develops

The pancreas of your wedding should win the Nobel prize. This excellent institution can function well even if you chew food with high glycemic index and again. How the pancreas, insulin is a hormone secreted by beta cells for cell doors to receptors on cells of your own body to take glucose (sugar) of foods. It's all very impressive. The level of glucose in your body needs to stay the -110 level of 70 mg / dl, so if there is excessive production of glucose-insulin signal of the muscle cells and the liver to store the excess in glycogen, and the home office is designed to provide your body due to lower levels of blood sugar.

However, it begins a treacherous game ball as they usually consume food with high glycemic content. The levels of blood glucose are reaching their climax. B cells produce insulin for the surplus in the face, to destroy the small door in the muscle, fat and liver cells. Now, if proved, the beta cells are working overtime to insulin further force producing cells in the destruction of more receptors, and the training cycle.

The cells in this phase have a resistance to insulin. Diabetes and hypertension are on the horizon for other symptoms of metabolic syndrome X. What next?

With the constant bombardment of insulin receptors in fat cells causes resistance to breaking and entering triglycerides in the bloodstream, increasing the fat count. Your muscle cells are capable of the amount of glucose taken by them in the reduced because they have become resistant to insulin, increased blood sugar later. Then there are liver cells, which have in the store and convert excess glucose into glycogen, when they become resistant to insulin, high levels of blood sugar. Welcome to the world of diabetes!

Narrowed claret vessels

Hardened arteries

Damage to avenue walls

Damage to the kidneys

Fat afire apparatus switches off

Weight gain

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

What happens now to your affably alive pancreas? You busy them so abundant that the beta beef are alpha to bake out. Soon you will charge insulin injections, on top of all the added austere bloom issues you will now accept to argue with. Is this your story? I do achievement not. Don,t self-harm. Change your diet afore it changes you.


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